1. Gotta use better soil like Fox farms and clear off the lower branches asap mine did the same this year during veg but I hit it with the b52 and Cal mag then flushed them for a week then hit em with the maxsea bloom sweet plants too!

  2. Garden looks great. go look at the roots of the trees and check under some leaves. I find this is the year of the aphids… after we had those chinese lady Beatle eating our ladybugs for the past 2 years the aphids made a strong comeback. also ants will farm the aphids and make the population explode. I'm not saying that's the problem but just check it out. Root aphids will make plants go yellow in days and have random stems die over night…

  3. Welcome to climate change. Humidity and temps affect plants. Powdery mildew, downey mildew, root rot…
    Try spraying Copper Fungicide early in grow and periodically. Neem oil is a great organic fungicide and pest control, use is throughout grow cycles, dont spray it in sunlight or it will burn your leaves.
    Another reason for yellowing could be iron chlorosis. Use chileated iron suppliment, i have seen results in my blaze maples in 24 hours

  4. If you use the Monterey garden bug spray make sure you get the concentrated version and mix 60ml/gal mix with filtered water and spray after sun has gone down. The bacteria is fragile until it can absorb into the plant so any chlorine or direct UV rays will make it sterile.smells like mothballs until it dries I strongly suggest using it every 7 days after sunset up to the day before harvest.you could spray up till the day of harvest but you want dry plants when you cut them down.

  5. What you have is called fusarium it. Either came from old clone mother or funky soil. Its a root fungus. There is no cure for fusarium I got it last year for the first time in over 140 cycles. Wiped out half of my plants.you can go to my last outdoor video for 2018 and watch.
    As preventive to help keep things from spreading use a weekly spraying of Monterey garden spray(you can use up to day of harvest and you wont have 1 catapiller spidermite or anything that eats leaf.it is pure organic bacteria that is dominate and will help defend against invasive bugs and different kind of mold mildew.

  6. All most you where sprayed with Round- up by drone. Or starting flower, to much plant prune back and get air flow. if ground not dry do not water. let it come back by self. Had same color and in Mich. will come out of it just that time of year.

  7. Have you Ever Tried michorizza ? Basically a Live Mushroom Type Fungus.the Underground Network Finds Micro Nutrients and Water and Attaches to Roots. They Take some Sugars from the Plants But Give Way More from the Soil. the Under Ground Networking creates a Symbiotic Relationship. Fungus Helps Boost Plant Growth. but CO2 gas During Day Time will Boost plant Growth by up to 40%.

  8. Might have something to do with the soil around your place. You should have had some raised beds for the plants maybe.. How deep did you dig down for those plants?

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