1. All I see is every plant is doing terrible.They're not dead,but not thriving either.This channel is for learning what not to do if you want to succeed at growing

  2. I have a question for you. When does the first week of flower start, is itΒ soon as you flip your lights to 12 andΒ 12 schedule, or is it the first sign of pistol production

  3. Love what you do John but damn dude that tower res needed to be cleaned out before you dumped the water in. Just my amateur opinion as I'd be worried that debris would jam the pump. Keep at it. Peace.

  4. I went 100% synthetic with DWC and peroxide. I want superpowers. On a more serious note… finally got the environment under complete control… day/night temp. cycle DIF at +2.5c with 21c night 23.5c day @ constant 45-50% RH. Should be a good balance between DWC tank dissolved oxygen levels vs plant comfort & keeps stretching to minimum without inducing chlorosis. I don't have the patience or skills to grow in soil πŸ˜› PS: The plants look pretty stretchy bro…got like 4+ inches between nodes. I would run less lights and get daytime temps down… get the same yield with less lights… shorter bushier plants with more yield per plant. jm2c

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