Preparations for legal pot continue

Preparations are continuing for legal pot in Canada. Cannabis use is already on the rise, according to Statistics Canada, and officials could look to Colorado to see what happened after marijuana…


  1. Is gonna be a billion dollar business you people better freakin wake up, Weed has everything God wants us to have protein fiber cbd THC and more canabenodes , This is what they used to make plastic out of , and it don't destroy the oceans or the Earth. And it's not like the other plastic which is a female synthetic hormone.

  2. so a Japanese foreign student was living in my house a few years back.
    you might not know this, but weed is completely frowned upon in Japanese culture and is illegal in Japan.
    that being said, i would keep the door closed in my room and play music.
    he was worried at first of it's effects, but then something great happened.
    he looked up weed & found nothing to be worried about at all. in fact, he thought it was funny i fit into the "stereotype" and now see's it as a peaceful recreation substance.
    we both wondered why it was seen in another light in his culture, (me more deeply than him no doubt lol), although he never asked to try it, i never offered in return.
    he went home healthy and happy & i wish him the best luck in life.

    final thought: don't be a parrot.
    open your brain and look up what it is you're ignorant too.

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