Tales Of A Doper EP. 27 End of 2017

Come ride with Mendo Dope on the final road trip of 2017. The Mendo Boys take you to the Harvest Party for a smoke session then give you some behind the scenes footage from the final shows…


  1. 37:48 who is the guy with PACCBET T-SHIRT ? Так так так, и что же это у нас тут за новое течение, что за рассвет такой? Парень, был запален 🙂 Гг Интересненько 🙂

  2. i remember prop215 passing back in 96, and now in just a few day California will go legal, that will cause a landslide of states going legal… the south and midwest will unfortunately be the last to realize the value of this medicine..been smoking since 1988..

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