This Law Could Make California The Largest Legal Weed Marketplace (HBO)

Subscribe to VICE News here: On Election Day, voters in 4 states legalized marijuana for recreational use. California was one of those states. Medical…


  1. Yessium. Keep it legal. Marijuana is the best thing that has ever has happened in the U. S… it has many medical cures…. it'S OUR SORRY ASS GOVERNMENT THAT WONTS TOO KEEP PEOPLE HOOKED ON PAIN KILLER… WHILE BIG POLITICAL PARTIES LINE THIER POCKET FROM THE SALE OF PHARMACISTS

  2. All those in the past who pushed the propaganda that weed is dangerous and kills your brain, they all should be put in jail for keeping the public from all the benefits pot has been found to have. Gather up these assholes who hate fun and put them away so they can't do further harm to the public.

  3. I tip my hat to the people who plowed the way for everyone else, facing 20 plus years, felonies, loss of children, jobs, homes, only for big legal to be allowed to do what they do. These are the people that should be allowed licenses, not pushed out of the market. These are the pros. These are the people whose fire in their heart told them to do the right thing

  4. So much bullshit with cannabis…..small growers got pushed out and the ones who pushed them out..will get pushed out many big companies with the money to out do smaller companies..

  5. Hey! I live in North Carolina, too! I'm currently in Asheville, where do you live? CBD is legal here (and in the other 49 states, too). I use Verified CBD for pain management for my endometriosis and my friend uses it for pain management for his fibromyalgia. I get mine online because even in Asheville, the selection is small and super expensive. I wonder if the CBD didn't work very well for you because of the product you were using. Some products don't absorb as well as others. For example, I use a 10mg Capsuleincture and place half a dropper under my tongue. This seems to be the best way to have it be completely absorbed and to help with pain right when I start feeling it. My friend with fibro has had similar results using this product/method. If you aren't able to find any CBD near you, you should also check into buying online. I've been getting mine recently from Verified CBD and I've never had any issues receiving shipments here in NC. (: I hope this helps!

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