1. First of all Americans can still travel to Cuba yes it is restricted but you can go. I just came back from there a week ago. Also our embargo over cuba has little effect to their economy. Thousands of Canadians go every day. And thousands of tourists travel there from Europe and Asia. And these medications are available in Europe where I might add has slightly better hospital systems. And lastly i urge you to go there and see for yourself how poor it is. Very few have running water!!!!! The roads ha forget about it. Miramar has nice roads and a few select places. All thanks to a socialist system. Dont get me wrong i love it there, it is a beautiful place and the people are wonderful. But for sure living aint easy for the people of Cuba!!!

  2. Well look at that!! Seems like Donald Trump making Literally Making private contractors on America’s end. We’re seeing the effect that is going to become prevalent with a lot of the constituents of the 50 states. What the fuck!? So, now after the whole prohibition era of America. You know dad’s enjoying CUBAN cigars and grabbing cold coke bottles with the kids. Donald Trump is going to cause another Cuban Missile Crisis. We kinda just saw that the Hawaiians just got a digital missile scare. More pieces of the puzzle, another anomaly California the mudslides or does a private contractor want to say don’t worry kids?

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  4. The US hasn't invented it because it's more profitable to treat cancer than to cure it. There's not some grand conspiracy, it's just that there's no will among the big pharmaceuticals who would develop it to develop it. they can make more money by not developing it.

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