Trying CBD For Anxiety, Sleep & Chronic Pain

I am so excited to finally share with you guys, how my experience using CBD has gone thus far and a huge thank you to Green Roads for partnering with me on …


  1. So i always put the speed up on youtube videos when watching pathophysiology vids for my nursing degree. I clicked on your video and low key thought id left the speed on double time, then realised i hadn't and you literally just had that much energy 😂😂💕

  2. I've been using CBD since October, because I have chronic fatigue and body pains that began last summer out of nowhere. Before I couldn't leave the house more than an hour a week without collapsing and I couldn't ride my horse, and now I'm able to get out of the house multiple times a week and for several hours, along with riding my horse a couple of times a week. It surely didn't cure me, and the doctors are still trying to figure out why my body isn't functioning correctly, but it's at least making day to day tasks easier!

  3. Cbd is really interesting!!! One of the other youtubers I watch has used it and I was definitely a little doubtful/skeptical of it but it looks like something I’d be interested in trying in the future!!! You always make every video of yours fun ❤️😄

  4. Great job describing the effects of CBD cream. Not enough videos out there taking about targeted balm/creams. More people need to know you don't need to eat CBD to get the benefits of CBD.

  5. YASSS!! I've been using CBD drops w/a doppler under my tongue (mint flavor) for a year or so for my anxiety and my chronic pain. It personally works for me and is part of my daily routine (has really been a life changer). I've also used a powder prior to my CBD called "calm" (magnesium) that has helped my anxiety (not my pain purchased off of amazon). Love you made this video to share your experience with other's. #queen #rockstar

  6. It recently became illegal in Ohio which is BS but it's still being sold in places? Makes no sense. I wanted to try it but now I'm too afraid haha I'm paranoid I'll get in trouble somehow.

  7. I want young women to know this does come off very ad selling. I like you Macy but for a lot of cpps this is going to come off sounding like it’s a cure all. I hope everyone checks with someone IRL to see if this could help. It has been my experience that there are many types of pain this doesn’t help. It’s not so black and white. ✌🏼

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