Understand Marijuana Laws in 6 Minutes

What does legalized weed mean? We explain marijuana legalization so you understand the basics of different state laws and what changed after the 2016 election. This video is also an overview…


  1. Why are you calling it marijuana again? The slang word for cannabis is "weed". The scientific name for cannabis is "cannabis". Marijuana meant "bad drugs" in Spanish and was used to target Spanish immigrants. Marijuana was used as a race separating word

  2. • Marijuana is our safe word –
    • It is funny that in October 2018 – the word "Marijuana" (like "pineapple juice" for some) is a safe word. In 2016, here in Australia (the amazing country where if an animal is cute it might kill you and if it is not cute might kill you for saying it is not cute anyhow), we legalised Cannabis for medical use… yay.. At the same time that happened the Government did the unthinkable, they redefined what Cannabis is ..boo
    • Activists like me saw it happening and I was I thought lucky enough to get a sympathetic opposition health secretary MP (Member of parliament) on board and accepted my amendment into the Senate to better define what Cannabis is. The government just worked around it.
    • As a result, in Australia LEGAL MEDICAL CANNABIS (as defined into law) can be, "ANYTHING that acts like Cannabis, hemp, GMO, isolates, CBD, Pharmaceuticals, or synthetics" (as not even from a flipping plant). However REAL Cannabis is illegal in all states for all conditions, that leaves everything else other than Cannabis is now Cannabis… When pushed the governments just says "Cannabis is legal mate go away, we have issued 1375 scripts for Cannabis since 2016". The trouble is none of those 1375 got scripts for REAL Cannabis . Now other countries are facing the same problem as we speak such as New Zealand, and the UK. This allows governments globally to legalise Cannabis but not allow anyone to get the real thing. though not immune as some will say medical Marijuana… but that is rare Marijuana is still our safe word <3

  3. Trump is in support of lifting the federal ban on Marijuana. But with Congress wasting OUR time and resources it’ll never happen…. Trump is less republican, and more libertarian than people give him credit for. Congress needs to pull their heads out of their ass’s, stop all the phony investigations and start doing what we elect them for.

  4. Recently I have had a few terrible experiences with US law enforcement while travelling and falling into the stigmatization of cannabis by such an ignorant and paranoid policy which borders between the sociopathic and the psychotic. The fact that I have been ridiculed, chastised, humiliated, and terribly limited from travelling to the US to continue my professional career and see friends and family of which has seriously affected how I develop my life and the quality of my research that I wish to develop and leave as a legacy to the world as my creativity transcends towards our future generations. Not only that, but it has traumatized me to my core and made me want to boycott everything American and/or come here and rant to the world how screwed up things are. All I am asking for is a measure of consistency, of reason and respect as adults (non-discriminatory to anyone regardless age and race particularly, non-criminal lifestyle, etc.) with ALL your policies. Is that to much to ask?

  5. Vermont went legal July 1st. You can't buy or sell cannabis only grow four personal plants.
    There are no jobs in socialist vermont and cannabis could help lots of people here. Let people grow and sell the plant as if it were legal. Help the farmers not lose their farms due to a high tax burden.

  6. The gov has always been the biggest importer of illegal drugs from day one . They have been getting huge amounts of money from the pill factories for a long long time , they protect the pill factory profits , keeping that evil weed down .

  7. in MICHIGAN
    The new age form of regulated prohibition.
    I'm all about (decriminalization), release of all past possessors.
    fully legalize hemp farming. or make cannabis fully legalized like a tomato without government regulations/over sight.
    clearly less dangerous than alcohol, but should be a personal informed choice till age 25 for the brain to fully develop first, mine didn't durrrrrr…….
    if it was legal alot of the appeal would be gone. look at Portugal on full legalization of all drugs and use dropped and money went to clinics to help people administer the drugs safely and try to persuade them to get clean instead of jail a non-profit. I want coca tea!… lol

    this is going to ruin it for small farmers or become phased out. it takes it out of the hands of the people(many) and into the hands of a few.
    goodbye passion and compassion, hello greed and neglect/impersonable care.

    this is for mega corporations like Bayer-Monsanto(Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Agricultural) to get involved and who knows how they'll taint it, (crazy, but could be their greatest depopulation tool or to keep us distracted). Bet your sweet ass it's coming.
    banksters to invest in. ones who can just drop a mil to set up shop.

    look at the small Agro farmers over the decades, they get subsidized by the government to grow mono toxic GE crops and they don't even eat what they grow. they have been squeezed out…. a big mac would actually cost $13 bucks without the subsidies. poverty doesn't happen, its by design!
    (watch "in search of balance" on Netflix) watch Joel Salatin about food freedom.

    I like the current medicinal system, yes it has flaws that can be improved, what doesn't. you can actually provide one on one care for your sick/dying patient/'s.
    (only problem i see currently is uneducated people getting in using what ever they want on it and making bad medicine, just for the love of the money and getting buzzed, giving it a bad wrap), dispensaries don't test for everything, but that goes back to "know your farmer"!
    what i don't like is the gray areas that exist currently and dispensaries were never(legal) official state law.
    also people get random friends/patients, pay for their cards just to fill the spots to get the 5+yourself x12 plants=72 plant limit and just sell the (illegal) excess cured weight (over 1lb labeled curing loophole) to dispensaries(Middleman) for cheap.
    yeah i get it, to get started, but then get actual real patients and make a difference, for the cause, giving it a good wrap and the respect the plant and sick deserve.

    who wants to pay 16% tax on top of the donation already?
    It's not like the grower isn't already liable to pay Fed & State tax on yearly earnings and into social security doubled/matched for self employment!
    I'm not sure how it works, if dispensaries pay sales tax and just include it in the donation price or if they are non-profits.
    (off topic- but did you know Facebook is a non-profit? just learned about it, shocker)

    I do think we need a higher plant license tho, like Canada or better yet up the patient limit or even make it tiers that you progress through so you can actually make a decent living.

    why all the different specializations certifications, regulations, inspectors, extra taxes?
    Its going to raise tax's/expenses on growers/production across the board many times over.
    county governments already get to decide if they want it or not.
    i thought testing was already done, should be a cert to look for and again "know your farmer", it is your personal responsibility to find out what goes into your body, not a created security sector(FDA,USDuhhh)!

    only pro i see is the hemp legalization!
    i don't hear a benefit. cons defiantly out weigh the pros and i already get all those benefits. once this happens, we probably cant roll back. Only if their was a true free market.

    Let our state be different !!!! Make a counter offer!
    i dunno but I'm voting NO unless convinced otherwise!

  8. in cali if you wanna smoke during highschool you can get your parents to get you a medical marijuana card. otherwise if you're 18 you can sign yourself up for one without your parents knowing. its a little loop hole people take advantage of

  9. In Utah the state regulates the sale of alcohol. I understand the state makes alot of money from that. They can use it as an example of how to regulate canibis. After all there is money to be made that will benifit all of us.

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