1. 4-20-1775 George Washington ordered all patriots to grow marijuana so they could draft the Declaration of Independence. But he said no one hath be allowed to injest it without divine intervention because this is a Christian land and you cannot drink Jesus's blood while high on marijuana.

  2. This is really dumb folks. California did this and are making millions in tax revenue and not just regarding the damn plant, but in 1. Drawing companies 2. Indirect companies that arise related to the business 3. Increasing tax revenue to fight the deadly drugs and the crime that goes with it 4. Increasing tax revenue for your infrastructure 5. Increasing tax revenue for museums, libraries, parks as well as their maintenance. And that's the short list.

    California doesn't have anything, except it's ocean and ports maybe, that most red states don't already have EXCEPT a 1. Younger population (that also tends to be more educated) and 2. The things that draw the first. If you're a state that hasn't ALREADY legalized medical marijuana, sorry, but you're about a decade behind California's wealth in these areas. Want to get ahead of them? Then 1. Catch up to the marijuana and marriage laws and 2. Learn about what they're going to pass and get ahead of them.

    This is really very established history and all the numbers are there to prove it. Want better competitive odds on getting those big corporations in to your state? Need more money in the government coffers to pay employees well and keep things running? Then look at what is proven. Your populations and popularity will NOT improve until you figure this fact out.

  3. It isn't about control it's about making it hard on us that love on disability to get the help we need.i live on 1100 per month.i have a morphine pump inside my body that connects to my spine.that is covered medicare.but the medical marijuana I wouldn't be able to afford it so my only option is to stay on the morphine pump.its not fair to us that don't have money to be able to help with our medical issues. Florida sucks.the people in power here don't give a shit about us.

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