We Asked New Yorkers What They Think About Cannabis Legalization in NYC

Although marijuana legalization continues to make waves across the country, cannabis is still illegal in NYC. We took to the streets to find out what New Yorkers …


  1. Honestly as a NY grasshead I'm not too excited about this 'raise in price' as well as taxes… I'm pretty happy with that 10$/pergram and 25$/3grams and such that dealers around here do… and the herb isnt reggie, its loud af strains. All I'm saying is, when it gets legalized I rly hope the pluggos keep at it, cuz I rly dont wanna sacrifice these low black market prices 😂

  2. Lol as a Coloradan looking to travel to NYC who gets 8ths for 25 and ounces for 125 for below (otd tax included) you guys are really in for a treat. But when it does become legal expect wages and rent to go higher. The entire economy will be transformed.

  3. It is a plant it should not be that expensive oregano doesn't cost that much what the f*** no people don't want to pay more that's b******. Maybe a lot of the New York weed is still that crappy Brown Mexican s** I used to get when I lived in Bedford Hills it sucked I haven't had anything that crappy since I moved up by Buffalo. If the dispensaries could match my dealer's price I'd buy it there maybe they will deliver

  4. The prices should not go up they should go down not up. These are also let people grow their own but they're not going to. In New York they charge people for a medical marijuana license $200 the first year 150 every year after that that's ridiculous. I am a strong weed advocate. They should be using every piece of that plant making plastic. People suffering and pain don't have to pay for narcotics it's all to do with big Pharma they do not want the healing plant legal. It's b***** that's what it is in New York if you grow your own weed it's a super felony because the weight will be more than a pound and they're not going to dry it out first. Maybe if every person that smoked weed started growing it they couldn't do anything how could they

  5. The place where I live has the most cannabis users per capita. Thats right . People in nova scotia use the most cannabis worldwide. We hold that record . Everything is fine here . What does that tell you ? It tells you someone is not telling the truth. The roads are terrible and sometimes the weather is too but society isn't coming unraveled at the seams as some would have us believe.

  6. News from Canada after seven months of legalization . Everything is freaking fine . There is no increase in auto accident road fatalities. There is no increase in Schizophrenia. There has been a spike in hospital visits resulting from eating edibles but no fatalities. All the bad things that were said were going to happen did not . Just because a driver in an accident showed thc positive does not mean it caused the accident . The trace amount of thc could have been floating around in the blood stream from a toke the day before and had nothing to do with fault . All the push against cannabis is from people who will make less money come legalization. These are the pharmaceutical giants ,alcohol , tobacco and prison industries. The prision industry locks a disproportionate number of people of color up . Ths scum make their bread and butter from locking up minorities up . The argument about cannabis increasing homelessness any laziness is a lie too but you will have to do your own research on that . I am busy and active have to have a nice toke and go bicycle riding for the day ta .

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