1. I can vouch for this video. I used weed to get to sleep for 5+ years before finally realizing that it only helped the first couple weeks (or after I took a tolerance break); in the long term it causes the problems mentioned in this video. But when I had trouble getting to sleep back then, I used to just smoke more which worked.

    but like the vid said, when I stopped smoking I had crazy sleep problems; getting to sleep and staying asleep. hardly slept 3 hrs a night the first couple weeks. its now 7 months since I smoked last and I am still only able to get 6 hours of sleep. But its slowly improving.

  2. I haven’t slept in about 58 hours and when I did sleep it was for 3 hours just over two days ago. Small auditory and visual disturbances such as seeing shadows and hearing a buzz and or ring. My thought process is delayed by a lot and mild constant confusion with moments of very brief complete confusion which I assume may be stages of micro sleeping. I can tell my mind and body are almost at their breaking point and sleep will be inevitable.

  3. And there's no overdose on weed. You can smoke as much as you want, all that will happen is you'll green out and when you wake up feeling relaxed u can smoke more

  4. i tried smoking weed 1 time in my entire life and about 20 minutes after i took 1 hit i went back to my dorm and laid down put my headphones on and tried to go to sleep but every time i closed my eyes i felt like i got lost in an empty space with the sound waves from the music slowly floating me around LMAO.

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