1. Hey everyone! I was a bit reluctant to put out this video because I don't want people to think I am saying weed is "bad." At the same time I wanted to share my story in case it resonates. Much love!

  2. Y’all some undisciplined pussies. Straight fruit bags. Get on your grind, fuck yo wife, make investments, hit the gym, take on me day a week to smoke up and rejuvenate. Most importantly get right with Christ.

  3. Smoked weed from 16-20, didn't smoke cause of navy from 21-25, been smoking super heavy and now i'm 27, about to graduate college and i just got my dream job because I wanted it. Some say weed makes people lazy, but no desire at all is laziness, people just want to blame something besides themselves. I also am a OMAD (One meal a day) while doing keto, i'm extremely healthy. I also just smoke out of papers so i don't get poisoned from tobacco. If this makes you happy, being a veteran, all you hear is that the VA takes forever to help with disabilities that veterans have, but i was able to get mine done in less then 6 months because i was persistent while high. It's not marijuana, it's your own self reflection. I'm not saying marijuana has helped these accomplishments, but as a heavy smoker, nothing is gonna get in my way, it's all in the mind. Be strong.

  4. I made the choice to smoke at night and don’t allow myself to smoke during the day when I’m required to be more productive. I’ve taken it to a point where I see it as a bad thing even when tempted too and remember how debilitating it can be when you’re required to be on point. And little by little I’m smoking less all the while visualizing and feeling out how it’s going to be and feel when I no longer smoke.

  5. U can’t treat weed like u would dip or cigarettes u can’t smoke weed every day like u could cigarettes or dip maybe once a week or once every other week or something. Something is only addictive if u decide to be addicted to it

  6. So weird how white people whose entire heritage is Christian… disavow their heritage to cuck and say "peace, love, namaste". Where is there anything written about love in Buddhism or Hinduism? The central tenant to Buddhism is that life is suffering. The central tenant to Christian is that love is everything. FFS

  7. Hey Adam,
    I don’t smoke or drink.
    However my older sister smokes weed all day and night. It’s something she’s been doing it for almost 30 years. She is doing badly.
    I can’t get through to her.
    Thanks for your video.

  8. just smoked my last joint yesterday . I've been smoking since high school and I'm starting to have breathing problems now. cant believe I didn't take my health seriously in the past.

  9. Smoking pot helped me quit drinking… cold turkey even. I was a functional alcoholic. Now It's time to quit my chronic use of pot. Like the video i lack motivation; weird thoughts with anxiety and of course, Roofing cement in my lungs. From 16 to 50 with about 15 yrs worth of breaks in between. No moderation … all or nothing.

  10. I completely agree. I am in the process yet I have spiritual gifts. It's made it difficult but also somewhat easy . I am from ont Canada. A lot of ppl dont understand that the weed actually blends with the universe in some ways and it's actually a negative that embeds over time in our minds which controls the thoughts we have most of the time and we dont even notice. This is great that this video is up. Very helpful for others

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