1. OMG, this is the dumbest shit ever… Thanks, Ridiculousness for telling me to look this dumb shit up… (eye roll). I didn't think Sterling could get any fucking dumber than the dipshit he plays on Ridiculousness, and yet, here it is. 187K people are all fucking dumber having clicked on this bullshit.. Again, thanks Rob… I will never get the 6 minutes of life back.

    And where the fuck is MBJ chin? Dude's face goes from his lower lip to his neck.

  2. The rich don't sleep translates to basically "don't be lazy". That's all. People making it seem bigger than it is. It's just a mindset and mentality to fuel and drive you to do better and be better.

  3. I love Michael B. Jordan but that being said, this episode was not what I thought it was going to be…..he's actually a lot more Hollywood and out of touch w/ everyday Americans than I thought. Obviously still just a great dude though but I just found that kind of sad. Amazing actor, beautiful man, and clearly a great person though.

  4. Listen here. Go find me one… Just ☝ clinically crazy person that sleeps without meds. Us humans need sleep. Biblically if one slept recklessly they died. Hunt,draw water ECT. One must rest their mind to be their best self. My old motto was bust as …no excuses… You can sleep when your dead. Now I'm ill my whole immune system will crash if I lose sleep for one night. My four kids need their momma. Sleep for me is a dream.

  5. At least Michael still have love for Atlanta. Thanks Michael!. I don't stay in Atlanta but I do stay in a city(Jonesboro) south of Atlanta. The love is still felt. Steelo impersonation of the Popeye's lady was hilarious. 😂

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