Your Legislators: Marijuana Legalization (January 24, 2019)

Sen. David Osmek, Sen. John Marty, Rep. Rena Moran, and Rep. Bud Nornes talk about the likelihood of a recreational marijuana bill passing this session.


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  2. These Republicans are propaganda-list, how can marijuana be a gateway drug and be scheduled by the CSA as a schedule 1 drug? That’s ludicrous. Schedule 1 is the worst drug rating so what can it lead too? Ah! I know, “illumination” to see through the bullshit! Alcohol is the true gateway drug, ask any teenager in any generation did they “sip some alcoholic beverage” or take a “toke off a joint” first? 82% of them would admit to drinking. Enough of the fear tactics and rhetoric, lets free the weed!🌿 It is each of our duty to right our congress next session and fight for our civil liberties! If you don’t starting fighting now you won’t have any constitutional rights soon!

  3. Do we make SUGAR ILLEGAL?? Look at the damage to health and welfare of the most dangerous ingested legal substance on this Earth!!! Do some research!! I am not suggesting the Domino Sugar website!! Look at the increase of fatty liver and Diabetes!! Look at processed food! You don't have to go back far 1965. Now let us take on legalization of what you may call drugs. What harm has this drug war done in America?? How many millions, Billions, trillions of tax payer dollars have been spent?? How many gang wars? How many millions of families have suffered, suffering the loss of a father, mother, sister or brother?? How many million people have gone to jail for NonVIOLENT ingestion of any substance?? WHO PAYS for the imprisoned?(tax payer) Say we lock up a working being for any nonviolent crime!! The family loses a bread winner!! The family may now need state and federal aid!!! Today the loss of one income crushes the abilities of a family to sustain itself!! So now we have a being in prison we are paying for and the family is on the Government Dole!! If this being ate 4 gallons of ice cream and the drank some Gasoline!! Would we lock them up?? AM I A FREE MAN?? I am for releasing all nonviolent beings from prison!! Who Makes Law??? I believe in most cases it is the elite furthering their own agenda!! If we the People are informed of the danger or damages caused by any product then it is our choice.. Fluoridation of your water harms EVERYONE Ingesting it or Absorbing it though bathing , showers!!! 90% OF ALL PROCESSED FOOD IS PRODUCED WITH FLUORIDATED WATER!! +(((HAS THE PUBLIC BEEN WARNED???)) READ THE TUBE OF TOOTHPASTE!!! DO NOT SWALLOW!! IF SWALLOWED CALL POISON CONTROL!!!


  4. I side with legalize and release all the non violent (Beings) That this oppressive system has detained. The meaning of Non Violent?? Was the Violence Caused Due to Arrest, or Fear of Arrest?? Many Cases need Review!! Reduce the Population of These Degrading, Violent , Schools Teaching How to Harm and Hate and Discriminate!!! ((PRISONS)) How many families has this law destroyed? How many have lost homes, careers, vehicles, land Lives destroyed?? How many billions of the peoples tax dollars have been spent on another War?? What about the gang violence??
    Just look what it cost YOU THE TAX PAYER!!! 30,000 Dollars per Year 3 in a Cell that is 7 feet by 10 feet = 90,000 Per Cell Each YEAR!!! They are not eating steaks or sleeping on a certa!!! Concrete bed with a 2 inch mat!!! Fighting for their lives and being treated like animals!!!!! WHO MADE THESE LAWS!!!!!!!
    It is not you and I who make these laws!!
    The Corporations PAY Lobbyist who in turn Buy Favors ((BRIBE)) their friends !!!
    I do not see people drinking Gasoline or Eating Poison? No Jail Time no Crime??
    WHO PROFITS?? Do you own STOCK in this SYSTEM!!! You ARE !!!
    WHO PAYS??? EVERYONE ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. There are only two kinds of people that oppose the legalization of cannabis the ones that are ignorant on the subject and the ones that make money off of it being illegal.

  6. new york legalization efforts:
    everyone should sign petitions to legalize adult recreational marijuana use. it can be regulated just like alcohol.
    the prohibition creates more crime than the plant itself and sends the wealth out of the community to the ones trafficking.
    the politicians against legalization are usually being paid for this stance. they are paid by certain interests that make a lot of money on prohibition

  7. Many of us our very bitter to the fact that they made up the word Marijuana under blatantly racist and laughably false pretenses. Then, just to double down on the douche-baggery, a crooked DICK of a President enacts the War on People…oops I meant drugs. Police officers now treat EVERYONE and their Grandmaw like the enemy. All in the name of a pathetic attempt at eradicating an God given plant. So now, I don't really give a flying fuck what you do. THE DAMAGE HAS ALREADY BEEN DONE! TOO LITTLE AND WAAAAAAAY TOO FUCKING LATE!!! As far as I am concerned, and as long as I live, YOU PIGFAT BASTARDS can Gooooooooooooooo…… FUCK YOURSELVES!!!!!

  8. Let's just give the people what they want make it federal legal like cigarettes, alcohol, and soda. If people want then they have the choice it's nothing like opioids in anyway its natural and safer. Help the veterans save their life and be able to have a family life. I know first hand how it helps it have me a new lease on life where opioids almost killed me.

  9. Its not a "gate-way" drug, its an "exit drug" – we are in an opiate epidemic currently due to the over-prescription of pharmaceutical opiates from these large companies that sponsor anti-cannabis campaigns. In places where cannabis becomes legal for recreational purposes, the rate of opiate related deaths decreases significantly. That's a statistical fact. The "gate-way theory" was a speculation about what would happen, and that theory has been debunked by hard evidence via what actually happened. Its not a gate-way into a realm of hard drugs, its a way to exit from that realm. Both drugs (natural opium, and natural cannabis) have been around for thousands of years, but they each have different effects on society. Opiates and pharmaceuticals are the problem, cannabis is the solution. The data speaks for itself. 0 deaths from cannabis in the entire recorded history of its use and how many PER YEAR from opiates? how many PER YEAR from alcohol? how many PER YEAR from their own legal prescription medication? Vote these ignorant beings out of office and elect someone who's scientifically literate, please. These republican rhetoricians haven't reviewed the information that currently exists, its as if they're unaware that what they're saying has been thoroughly debunked for well over a decade now. 2019 is the year to legalize, lets get the information out there and let the will of the people be heard. We want legal marijuana and more strict regulation on the advertising, sale of, and distribution of opiates to medical synthetic opiate patients. Along with this, we want medical marijuana patients to have more affordable access to their medicine alongside the legalization of the herb for adults.

    To still call cannabis a "gate-way drug" in 2019 demonstrates a very rigid pathology that is ignorant to modern science and hard evidence on the actually of the matter, in which the herb has been used as an "exit drug" that allows people to exit the 'drug scene' and integrate with mainstream society.

    Marijuana smokers want to apply for jobs, but can't because of pre-employment drug testing, even at the types of jobs that do not have a dangerous profile (e.g. those involving vehicles, power tools, or heavy machinery). Legalizing marijuana will allow people who already smoke marijuana to have access to employment opportunities that they would otherwise be excluded from. A legal marijuana smoker who is employed is far more productive to society than a marijuana smoker who is incarcerated for their actions. That alone is basis for consideration, combined with facts about the association between marijuana smokers and non-violence (as opposed to alcohol), and that no-one has ever died from consuming this herb (as opposed to alcohol), and the amount of revenue that this will generate for states.

  10. Whether it's legal or not people are still going to smoke it and I can guarantee you 100% that if you charge somebody with marijuana the first thing that they do when they get out of jail is there going to smoke up a blunt cuz that's the first thing I do all day everyday and if you want to hate you can get your ass knocked off

  11. There are only two kinds of people that oppose the legalization of cannabis the ones that are ignorant on the subject and the ones that make money off of it being illegal. Any politician in this day and age that is against cannabis falls into one of these two categories and need to be voted out.

  12. Ha smoking cigarettes will kill you. Marijuana has never killed anyone and it does not cause lung cancer. Need to educate these old people that have been lied to all their lives. Or they could be the ones that made up and keep up the lie.

  13. Some good pro's and cons for and against legalization. But saying that keeping it illegal to keep it out of Teens hands is idiotic. The marketplace will make those decisions if anyone wants anything ever…. From a societal standpoint and keeping ppl satiated, Alcohol vs Weed. I'll go with the latter any day. Much less chance of abuse hurting someone else other than the abuser.

  14. Its not no gateway drug. People choose what drug they want to put in their bodies. So is like if on a sunday liquor store closes im sure people are not going to start drinking Listerine because they dont have the liquor for the day to get a fix …or people that cant get tobacco are they going to start smoking grass from the lawn ??? I highly doubt it ..marijuana is not no where near as bad as those two things ..all the older generation got it all mist up and make it seem deadly and just blow it up to where it looks like marijuana is the number one killing drug…to me alchohol is a gateway to making bad choices.

  15. By making this illegal some people use other drugs as a gateway because the weed store is closed…. The dealer is out of pot. Instead of the dealer having the pot he sells replacement drugs, which you interpreted as gateway'ed'. Just because the term getting high. People are being robbed and getting sick. This gateway argument is from 1970 before medical cancer cures discovered.

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