Your Legislators: Recreational Marijuana Legalization (January 31, 2019)

Sen. Sandy Pappas, Rep. Michael Nelson and Rep. Bob Vogel the likelihood of a recreational marijuana bill passing this session.


  1. So much uninformed speech. Now I see why MN is always lagging behind. Worried about spending and all this nonsense. Maybe it wouldn't be a great impact but I'm sure legalization would drop the spending on the opioid crisis.

  2. children are suffering from thousands of seizures every day because these heartless goons cant seem to figure out if theyre ready for medicinal cannabis. only until their family members become stricken with an illness do they realize its medical properties. but since letting others suffer aint so bad, cannabis stays illegal. the research is in the 10,000 publications mark. theres no denying anymore. cannabis is a proven medicine. politicians are trying to line their pockets by keeping it illegal. Discount tire company paid 1.5 million dollars to keep it illegal, and they make tires. cannabis is competition to many different industries and alot of rich people are willing to pay off these lawmakers. the problem is corruption within these individuals is rampant. they get bribes while kids suffer.

  3. Every state that has legalised Pot Has a huge increase in Hit and run killings and motor vehicle deaths.
    CRIME and the illegal pot growers just grow more for cheaper ..
    The mexican weed keeps flowing in even cheaper.

    If the Government runs the Pot Program and gets it out of the States hands It will work ,,
    I say let the Government control the week market Hell ya

  4. Just a joke, I am a conservative, legalize Marijuana already. Sad to see anyone even against it at this point. It will be legalized eventually, lets make it 2019. Disliked the video because it should be legalized this year.

  5. you say that  you are fighting to battle against opioid addiction?……..…………………………………..marijuana has been shown  to be effective in treating most of  the withdrawal symptoms associated with opioid   addiction

  6. they need to legalize tax watch the crime go down and funding jobs and education go up 100% guaranteed to work. not to mention this plant alone can save our planet if it grew wild the rapid photosynthesis will rejuvenate our planet if we all just make an effort to drop seeds. united we can save earth but humans just dont care its our nature to destroy ourselves

  7. There are only two kinds of people that oppose the legalization of cannabis the ones that are ignorant on the subject and the ones that make money off of it being illegal.

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