420 Tech – Best Vaporizers 2017 – High Tech Review

More drunk reviews ▻ Toke along and celebrate the beauty of the 20th of April as DTR (HTR) delves into the fog of some of the best marijuana vaporizers of 2017. Enjoy!!!…


  1. If you want to properly use the pax, to full potential, take that fucking disgusting raised mouth piece off and try the flat one. The raised mouth piece overheard and is not even close to as comfortable as the flat one can be. Not only that, but the flat mouth piece compliments the design perfectly. YOU'RE PAXING WRONG!

  2. Do you have videos on vaping CBD oil and what the best vape pens are? And Temps. Just started vaping and places here don't know much about cbd or thc. Vape store sold me a $10 pen. 1100mah battery. Made by Ego-T. They said I don't need a really expensive one. And Idc about how much caper comes out really. I don't follow fads. Just want the medicine.

  3. soo its no wapos for solid hasch only for thc ol and marijuana and some shatter not pure hacsh like black affgahni hasch or red libanon or king hashan hash then i dont like it hahaa in my land we dont have oil or shatter its always hash and some times some marijuana but that marijuana are sick bad so ewryone wants solid hash over here . do anyone nows were to get solid hash vappos and come for the hash must be atlest 1.5 g up to 3 grams if not its not wurt it than we can still smoke ice bong instead.

  4. Not enough information about the quality of the vape and the strength of the hits. And what's the smell like after? Does it still leave a lingering smell or could you walk around puffing away on this without anyone knowing what is in it? How high do you actually get? Not a very good review.

  5. Thanks youtube for being absolute morons. Cant show vapor production even though its vital because "well some people dont like marijuana." yall are pathetic. If its a plant that can be vaporized, youre going too far by censoring people who show it. This is education. They deserve to be paid for the fact that theyre writing reviews that people want to see.

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