5 Common CBD Vaping Mistakes

Common CBD vaping mistakes to watch out for are covered in this video.Vape and Juice Tv look at the top 5 mistakes for CBD newbies. Are you considering …


  1. I like how informative the video was and the energy that was put in. My only confusion lies with how you said to use the CBD oil on tongue, then at the end recommended what to use to smoke it out of…

  2. Something like the Koi liquids say they can be used under the tongue and in your vapes, so is it a juice or an oil? It's thicker, like an oil, but maybe not as think as straight weed oils? We've been vaping the Koi CBD in a Vessel pen and a PCKT One Plus battery, is that ok? This whole oil vs liquid thing is annoying, especially when it seems like some can do both. Advice?

  3. Short and concise and right to the point. I'm pretty new to vaping cbd but I recently bought a disposable pen and liked it so last night i ordered a pod system and some cbd ejuice online. Thanks for this video. I keep getting worried the staff in vape shops will try selling me a huge vape mod and this assured me I don't need that for vaping cbd.

  4. Hi, I know I’m late compared to the other comments but…I just bought an Aspire Zelos 2.0 with Nautilus tank. The lady in the shop put the 1.8ohm coil in and swapped the sub-ohm coil for another 1.8. I’m a social cigarette smoker and so ideally want to be using zero-nicotine juices eventually tho she sold me 6mg today. I also got 1000mg full spectrum CBD vape liquid and was told to put a few drops in the tank with my other liquid a couple times a day. Is it a waste of cash mixing it with 6mg nicotine liquid and should I wait til I’m using zero nicotine? Also, which coil is best for the CBD? The 1.8 or 0.4? Thanks for clearing up some of my other questions in the vid 👍🏼

  5. Yesterday I bought cbd e-liquid. The seller gave me PG and VG liquids too telling me I need to mix all the liquids. I've dove as he said but, after watching this video, was he wrong?

  6. I was hoping you would cover the best temperature to vape full spectrum cbd. Compared to the temp for cbd isolate products. I know full spectrum is at a lot lower temp.

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