5 Things to Know About Hemp Farming

Here are 5 things your need to know about hemp farming for both high CBD or industrial. In today’s video, I head out to the University of Vermont (UVM) Hemp …


  1. Hey, man. Thanks a bunch for that insight. It was nice to see a collaboration of several minds in one piece of documentation.

    Crazy thing is that someone at that commence had the exact same name we were going to use! Good thing we pivoted names this morning. Yikes!

    Good luck with your endeavors!

  2. It cannot be so hard to grow. Non cannabis hemp was grown in Kansas in ww2. It still grows there in fallow fields and fence rows and is called ditch weed. I have seen plenty of it growing myself. If one grows hemp for harvesting for cannabis then how would one go about keeping the crop secure and not just from animals.

  3. We are in the same boat. Asking lots of questions and doing our due diligence. What else have you learned since this convention? Can you please make another video with an update? Have you made a decision to proceed? We have 80 acres in SE Arizona that we are looking to farm, but we are starting from scratch. Just installed the well. So, its a process.

  4. Nice video. Thanks for sharing. Yes, "growing" hemp is one thing, but harvesting, drying and SELLING are additional things to consider. Understanding your federal and local regulations is important so you don't end up with "hot" plants (THC level over their defined limit). That'll be a total loss. Selling your biomass (harvested hemp) can yield $50-$100/lb of dried flower (market rates vary widely). But if you extract the flower, you'll probably end up with an extract with THC levels well over 0.3% THC and that limits your market (you cannot cross state lines with that product). That may not be a problem if there is a big enough market for hemp extract in your state. Otherwise, you're going to have to resort to THC reduction techniques like column chromatography and/or distillation.

  5. This was more focused on perhaps the more lucrative side about the flowers and CBD oils. I would have like to see in the video more science facts which may have been available at the seminar. Is there research of the fibers of the plant while controlling the THC below 3% including percentage increments to 1% and what affects this has on its strength composition studies. We know with metals it has been done in metallurgy with metal alloys to create the various properties of (carbon based) steel. I read studies show fiber board from hemp is comparably strong as steel. (HAVE TO VERIFY THIS). The Seed Oils could replace dirty fossil fuel Usage. (Petroleum Industry would fight it) I say Coal Miners get out the dirty dangerous mines and in the sun to grow seeds for a clean environmentally safe oil energy source. This could be a ecological financial breakthrough, game changer, tree saver, carbon emission eliminator. NO DRILLING, SAFETY REGULATIONS AND COST FROM ACCIDENTS. Private Research that could not stopped by a powerful industry to find it this would be cost effective should be funded

  6. The monsoons are going to spread all this hemp in Indian and cannabis and CBD all into the Federal reserve charging water facility at Sam Lena Park exactly or days hundreds of thousands of seeds ancient Babylon

  7. Brian, my names Connor, im 27 and from the California valley. Its about to blow up out here. Im working to be a rep for some growers out here and want to be part of the new insustry thats about to be created out here. Id love to even do some sort of an interview or just chat on the phone with you for 15mins if you ever find the time. Let me know, loved the video ill look for a similar event around here i can attend! =)

  8. I hope you chose to jump in, the red tape is well worth the time and effort, depending of course, if you have the passion to build in uncharted territory. Don't let fear of the unknown, stagnate your feet from moving in a positive direction.

  9. Gratitude for sharing this bit education of your experience! Helpful, informative & well organized vid, love it! This sacred plant has a lot to do with all our healing & knowing a grower is key or be one! Awesomeness

  10. Its mandatory to plant some hemp and cannabis plants. You have a farm, water, Soil, Sun… You dont need 1-6,000 acers. Try a row of 50 plants year one. Hope to hear from you. I'm in Johnson, VT.

  11. Maybe start small.
    Family, friends and local community will always support a passion. Small will help ensure quality while your getting the swing. ..and local quality sells.
    See how that rolls and step up from there.
    Great videos.
    ..from the south end of the state.

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