6 months on Lexapro for Anxiety, Depression, PMDD + life update

in this video, i talk about how lexapro has been going thus far, genetic testing for SSRIs, the medical industry, alternatives to prescribed drugs, and talk about …


  1. just wondering are keeping a good excersize and vitamin regimen i think it can help especially running…but lexpro did help me after traumatic event from work 10mil….mom had full bi pipolar 40 yrs i hated it cause i never had a mom …maybe even go to a awsome church that realy helped me

  2. Thank you. Thank you for being open and sharing your experiences. PMDD is so under the radar and I believe it effects way more people than are accounted for. It’s scary, debilitating and beyond confusing but it is comforting to know we’re not alone through this. Keep doing you! We are here for you!!

  3. I know exactly what it feels like, I to got frustrated at first but stuck with it, lexapro Escitalopram (10mg)

    You are strong! Never let anyone say anything different ❤

    With you sharing your story makes you such a brave person and it takes a huge amount of effort to do what you do ❤

  4. Please make a video about your time in advertising! I am about to graduate college with an interest in strategy but I’m so split on whether to go to an agency/ or more corporate side. I hear pros and cons to both. I also struggle from mental health issues. Would love your take on it.

  5. I'm bipolar, diagnosed 17 years ago when I was 12. I'm stable for 7 years now. My advice with depression is taking the mental health drugs, but that's not enough you need to eat healthy and stop drinking alcohol, coffee and anything with sugar in it so the mental health drugs work the best. Also you need twice more cardio a day that a regular person. I know sports is the last think you want when you feel depressed. Changing your lifestyle this way is lots of work, but is very effective. And one more tip: don't do the alternative drugs, those things can be very dangerous. Good luck, we missed you girl.

  6. Please do a video on working in advertising! I'm currently working as an in-house designer in retail and I'm incredibly unhappy and bored with my work so I've been considering agency work. Would absolutely love to hear about it from your perspective, having left that industry.

  7. i totally agree that there is so much more they can be doing with different mental health treatments!! i have treatment resistant depression so i’ve been on over 10 different medications that were listed as possible ones that could work when i did the gene testing after i had severe side effects from other meds. then i tried TMS with no luck, tried the only other medications that had generics (cause otherwise we were talking a crazy amount of money each month for meds). now im planning on starting ECT within the coming weeks and i’m terrified that it won’t work. cause it’s really the last stop that i can afford (because it’s short term). i also switched birth controls to Yaz (the one that treats PMDD) but theres been no difference.but im so interested in like DMT and all of the possibilities that we cant even breach. but i hope you find that right mix of meds for you. it’s definitely smart to get that gene testing early cause i felt like i wasted so much time not having that information. i unfortunately didn’t find the right med from it but it can help a lot of people narrow that down faster. but i have to say a huge downside with these meds is having to wait 6 weeks for each medication to see if things are good or not because with mental health it stops you from living your life and even when you ask for help it can take a long time to figure out what is going to help you.

  8. Omg your HAIR LOOKS SO GOOD. i love it. also you're such a cool person, i really believe in you and think that you will do great things. thank you for being so real and honest 🙂

  9. Anna — would love to see a video about agency life and about the stuff you’re doing on your own (consulting = dream). I have anxiety and depression too (also on lexapro) and I was planning on doing agency life for a few years to gain experience after graduating in the fall but am worried about handling it mentally… I am rooting for you!!!

  10. I started Lexapro when it first came out. Worked 6 months, then no more. Brain adjusted to it, but it no longer did its work. I now use a combo of Xanax/Lamotrigine with food once a day. I feel great, and can think & function. You will be drowsy for a few days, then it disappears. It lowers the sex drive, but that too returns after a few weeks, or you can get a "booster" from your doctor. Now, some tips to help:
    Challenges are what make life interesting. Overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. Let go of what’s gone, be grateful for what remains and look forward to what is coming. You never realize how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have. Don’t forget you’re human. It’s okay to have a meltdown. Just don’t unpack and live there. Refocus on where you’re headed. You are limited only by the walls you build yourself. Knock down those walls, and you will be free. Build your confidence. These 2 things will define your life: Your accomplishments, and your character. You have value & purpose. And you are so worth it. Your biggest successes are still to come. A step at a time. Never let anyone put you down for being who you are or doing what you like. Be you. Be genuine. Scared is what you're feeling. Brave is what you're doing. You will heal. You will survive. Believe it. There are better days ahead. Wishing you peace, comfort, strength, good health, & happiness in your journey.

  11. Here for you, Anna! Plz continue to keep us updated or just come to chat when you feel like it 💘 I recently took time off the pill to see how it affects me and surprise! My anxiety came back! So I am jumping right the frick back on.

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