6-Year-Old With Epilepsy Died Because She Couldn't Get Cannabis Oil | NowThis

6-year-old Charly Curtis died because her parents couldn’t legally get the medical cannabis she needed — and then they were treated like criminals for trying to …


  1. A truly heart breaking story. This young child could have been saved, to be a parent and look your child's lifeless body, I can't imagine it. This mother is a strong individual to talk about it with us. I don't know if I could. This right here is a prime example of why things must change.

  2. Lol this is stupid, if you’re kid is going to die, you’re not willing to buy it illegally or go to a different state? We need legalization but stories like this make me shake my head because these people are stupid and kids are dying.

  3. So sorry for your loss. Full Legalization of cannabis is life or death. We can no longer accept "no", "maybe", "we will look at it" from your politicians. Vote anyone out who is not 100% on board with immediate legalization.

  4. Get out of the country! This is a Oligarchy, for the richest. You want better healthcare and easy access to college and cheat the law with little consequences justice is for sale….get rich and bribe the sistem, and if you claim this is a citizen right thing they blame and scare you calling you a communist or socialist along with all the poor shepples chanting Venezuela!!😲

  5. Many prayers and love to this family! They're doing a great thing and helping many children in their state so that their daughter's death isn't in vain! I admire them greatly for what they are doing and for them sharing their daughter's story!! All the love in the world to them!

  6. My neighbor down stairs son suffers from dreve syndrome a severe form of epilepsy. He use to have over 300 seizures a day after going on the medical canabis he’s down to 4 or 5 a month…. It has been proven it works!! Legalize marijuana please!!

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