1. Y'all need to check out Kaligrown YouTube channel. He has got the absolute best %100 organic no-till garden. Not trying to dis this channel but I see ALOT of misinformation being passed around like it's second hand knowledge and that's a garden killer for first time growers and folks wanting to improve their current gardens.

  2. You do know what You are doing! The new-molecular South-spun electron fluid concept is here now for Your review http://youtu.be/YWApeCYob1U H2O turns to H2O2 in just 13 seconds manually! This flattens soda/beer but makes wine taste sweet in 45 seconds. Watch the 2006 Sundance entree http://youtu.be/F054MSUzgHU By the application of this differential in fluids used upon the plants it may make a difference still in over-all growth potential. DO NOT EAT/DRINK MICROWAVED PRODUCTS! Causes stomach Cancer!

  3. I hope you're able to finish before temps get to low. I live in Ohio and it's been getting down to 50 at night. I'd take a couple cuttings and put a few up indoors just in case.

  4. Sorry, first time grower, so many questions…. . I also live in Michigan, but how are these every going to fully flower before the frost comes? assuming 8-10 weeks in flowering stage. I've been covering my photo period plant with a black plastic bag and putting it in the garage at 6:00 each night since august 1. This has kicked off flowering but is difficult to manage

  5. Well first off thats cute u think ur plants r big u hav obviously never ben to MENDO but anyway ur not over watering u hav hemp russet mites the reason ur leaves r starting to taco is because that's wher they lay ther eggs an ur stunted growth an dead foliage on the inside of ur plants is also from the russet mites it's a dead giv away they r basically taking the life out of ur plants it will get a lot worse if u dont do something they will seriously destroy the entire plant I suggest hitting ur plants with sulfur and /or the incredible doctor zymes also when u r growing from clones ther already mature because ther a clone that's what a clone is the exact copy of the mother witch if u r doing it correctly u should b cloning off a mature plant being mature has nothing to do with going into flower it is simply the age an y the fuk r u using the small square cage spend the extra money an get the 4×4 then maybe ull grow a big plant. COVELO BITCH

  6. You need to feed it some super bloom, overdrive, and bloom booster and it won't struggle no more and your watering it just right you can tell buy the color and texture of the leaves and stalk that is a healthy happy plant and cover it during the day time but still allow it to get the right air flow

  7. The garden looks good, I’m in so cal., outdoor grow, flowered first week of August. The girls are stretching, spraying for bud worms using Safer, very effectiveπŸ¦„

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