1. Looking ok man I'm in northern Michigan!! I got my eyes and ears on the weather everyday!! I think I may put mine in greenhouse if gets to cold or to many rainy days come!! I'm in 10 gallon pots about 7 feet tall!! Some are gona be done early some are behind alitte!! Nice garden man!!πŸ‘

  2. That Cake Bomb has Ruderalis/Autoflower genetics it looks like.
    Those 3 fingered leaves are a good indication of that.
    If it's meant to finish early, it may because of the Ruderalis.

    You have the most supported outdoor Garden I think I've ever seen. Plants look very happy.
    Hopefully the weather permits and everything goes well all the way to finish.
    Respect to you, from Flawda.

  3. Outstanding.Well done Dalo. Just started mine in OZ and its American growers that post here on Youtube that have given me inspiration to grow again. Growing properly for the most part. 9 Big bud.Β 8 chocolope, and 7 Amnesia haze. Sowed another 5 each of Amnesia and Chocolope yesterday.On Target for 3 pounds plus Gromies. Yeyyyyyyy weed. Now I am a Subscriber to you and Kaligrownbudz I have an awesome benchmark to work with. Happy Growing. Colocolas

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