1. Well Marijuana was banned by the British in India .. It was called Vijaya in Ayurveda that meant conquerer .. it was ingredient of almost every Ayurvedic drug known to treat cancer TB leprosy etc … The market value of allopathy has killed old wisdom

  2. I'm a medicinal and recreational user of cannabis since the age of 16, I'm now 32 and still use daily. Funny, the three symptoms he mentioned are the three reasons I use it medicinally, for post operative pain and arthritis, anxiety snd nausea. Smoke weed everyday.

  3. What are the risks? I notice this speaker makes that a huge point but NEVER follows up on it because there are none. Instead he shows how dispensaries are doing better than western medical doctors and completes his talk saying doctors need to learn better tricks from dispensaries. He misses the mark entirely because patients aren’t using marijuana over control issues. They’re replacing their drugs with marijuana because it works better than pharmaceuticals. Period.

  4. I think its sad that not more doctors and scientists explore a possible medicin like maruijana that have shown good benefits against cancer and other sicknesses. Even if its small benifits I think that any possibility to find a way to treat cancer or other diseases should be studied and explored. If someone found a cure for cancer tomorrow, would we get that great news to or would it take a long time behind the restricted politics to reach the public?

  5. Thank you for an open mind I have had crops the most painful disease known to man the has help me survive I am now off all pain mess and other drugs I was taken I now live in co not utah so thank you

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