1. Cannabis is probably one of the most addictive drugs iv ever taken, i smoked for 10 years. And i agree with everything this guy is saying. It destroys your life and your wallet, it 100% takes 2-3 weeks to get out of your system.

    Anything you can do to make yourself sweat will help, stay focused and positive, there is no such thing as can’t, you will feel amazing once you have passed off the withdrawals effects.

    If you do feel Anxious or depressed this is very normal stay strong ??

  2. For me, while I used the drug it brought me to a peaceful spot or like a serenity. The problem was that was a false world I was living it because when I returned back to reality I didn’t like reality as much because I knew how good the feeling of pot was and how much stress it realeased. Now my brain hurts constantly and I can feel my head throbbing sometime even. It’s like constant panic attacks because I’m having trouble coping with reality even after 8 month.

  3. im 39 and have smoked since I was 15 or 16…and heavier once I got older and had more money. It IS addictive. Like for many of us boredom is the catalyst. Every once in a while I won't have money or there is no weed available and I feel frozen. Things I would normally do while high, I feel no interest in sober.

    I can't remember what it's like to go for a long period of time without smoking all through the day and slightly numbing reality. So when I have none and reality is 100%, I feel like garbage. When I don't smoke I feel better and worse at the same time.

    If you keep telling yourself it's not addictive, yet you are a habitual user, trust me when I say you are setting a trap for yourself.

  4. sounds like me, im trying to quit but its so much of a struggle my anxiety and sweating kicks in from day 1, and its not cool when you have to do things like drive on the freeway all day.

  5. I have no motivation after quitting 17 years of marijuana. 4-5 months clean and I haven’t accomplished anything. I used to use it to motivate myself, as a reward, or to persevere through tasks I deemed boring or torturous. It made anything bearable and sometimes even exciting. Now im just bored and demotivated without any excitement.

  6. I started smoking weed when I was 12. I found an escape from my reality that was my parents ripping me to shreds in a divorce. Blah, blah, blah cry about it right? I skimmed by and got addicted to many more things. I quit cold Turkey with drinking, cocaine, lsd, pills(many), and MDMA. I cant do this with weed. It's like it's a part of me. It comforted me when I was all alone in a dark place. I have been 2 days without smoking and my depression has been crippling to say the least. I don't k ow what to do anymore, and I am scared for my future. If there even is much of one. FML.

  7. I felt all of them symptoms I thought the weed was the cause of this as I was a heavy smoker scared me that much I went cold turkey then turned to benzodiazepines it got rid of the anxiety and panic attacks I felt I was better stoped taking them as I didn’t want to be on them as there very bad for you so all in all I cold turkey everything the weed the Benzo’s worst mistake of my life the anxiety will come back with revenge with severe withdrawals as well as panic attacks and anxiety 100x worse I used to have anxiety attacks every 4/5 mins I could feel weird energy pulsing through my body I felt as if I was in a constant dream world I didn’t go out I didn’t talk much I didn’t do anything but stay in a state of anxiety night time was the worst I feared going to sleep as they got worse at night bottom line don’t take Anything find your own way

  8. What is the medication that your mother's makes my anxiety is so bad that it is unbelievable if there was a time machineto where I could go back in time before I got that medical marijuana card I would have never have done it because it literally so far has destroyed my life

  9. Please understand what you're going through I go through the samesymptoms that you go through is an absolute nightmare everything that I used to enjoy is no longer enjoyable this was caused by medical marijuana what do you take for anxiety and doesn't work and hasn't made your life better my life is turn into an absolute nightmare because of it I used to be a very successful businessman and now I can barely leave my house 60% of the time

  10. Iam 2 months in from having 14 to 28 grams of Bud a week for 5 years, I made oil with it too,,all my savings as a 50 year old man went ! it has been tough,, anxiety self loathing , depression even walking out on my new girlfriend for little reasons , bad tempered !! , it is getting better keep off the booze don't change one for another ! late night sweats , I failed once when I had a row with my girlfriend I just did not get what she said so i had half a gram .. by God,,, it had a bad effect the next day,,, paranoia was up high ,, suicidal thoughts , my mind fog was a joke ,, but you know it does get better i take my vitamins and try to laugh , iam winning,,, a long journey "yes" i have a few more quid in my pocket now, and making a good go with life , i still have my moments but it does get better! the sun will shine inside you in time , stick with it God bless xx

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