Backyard Cannabis Growing Tips: Dan Grace / Green Flower

It’s like having two cannabis cultivation experts right in your own garden, because, well, it is! In this intensive hands-on session, Derek Gilman goes on location …


  1. wow, he has planted some nice strong strains… Funny, I tried to grow a few times, killed the plants, went into regular gardening for my vegetarian, and raw food lifestyle, then came across some seeds from a bag of buds that I usually am blazing and decided to try again…now I have 3 small plants, 1 seed just popped through the soil today, and two more I'm waiting to finish germinating. Not sure what to expect, I'm transferring from inside to outside, using a small desk lamp when inside. I think I need a grow lamp. What wattage should I go with, and is it okay for me to be moving them inside to outside?

  2. I think hobbyists grow weed for the same reason people grow herbs on their window sill or have a pot of tomatoes on their patio. A plant that does more than just clean your air is exciting. Something you can harvest and use in a dinner or smoke or eat to get high or trip

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