1. Haters are only showing that you are doing something outstanding brother, you are an inspiration to many including myself, I hope that you enjoy doing this otherwise you should simply do what calls you, sending you some positive vibes today !

  2. You the man dan! Making vids and keeping up with markets while on vacation. Dont worry bout them haters dawg keep doing your thang. Big thanks to you for all that you do.

  3. Dan .. you are a funny guy .. I'm sure mmen will be in your us mj video. Id love to see if you are playing their earnings bullish. I see this as an easy 2 or 3 bagger. Easiest one of the tickers im watching. Do good things

  4. Hello dan I’m just trying to get ahold of you to ask you to do just one forex video for learning if you could chart a few currencies against each other like eur to usd or anything. That would be much appreciated thank you very much

  5. That short seller whatever the hell his name is? Lied about Aphria's assets back in December. That's what I was saying a couple of days ago. There's billions in mj. Why would these people cheat investors? There's no reason to. I'm talking about the mj sector. Andrew Left posted a picture on his website of an advertisement in Oregon of $5 8th's last year. The picture looked hookie and something out of Universal Studios. What was he smoking? So the news on Aphria was good this morning. However there still wasn't a clear break out above the 200 day moving average. Just like you were saying in your coarse. When you see a price rejection it's indicating something. So I sold before the close. But the last hourly candle of the day was basically a dragon fly. The top wick is 1 cent more then the open and the close. Close enough for me personally. But I guess there was selling pressure. But there was enough buyers out there to keep the price in the hourly equilibrium. But I hear some investors saying that there's blue sky days ahead for Aphria. Now that Aphria is getting their name cleared. This stock could break it's 200 day resistance. It already did a few days ago but it didn't go past $10. Hopefully this news will get Aphria back up there where Cron is.

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