Cannabis edibles: what's now legal to use

Regulations came into effect Thursday allowing cannabis-containing products to be produced and sold in Canada. This includes cannabis-infused edibles and …


  1. Experimenting with edibles while I was a heavy weed smoker I noticed that 10-60 mg was a joke, that did absolutely nothing effective except for empty my wallet faster.
    I haven't really tested edibles since I have stopped smoking weed,once I attempted afterwards, I still didn't notice much of a "stoned" feeling if at all.
    I asked for the highest thc % on the dollar I was spending, figuring that when I did smoke they didn't "seem" to effect me.
    Avoiding things like eating a non-portion massive brick of chocolate that overall had more thc content, and opting for gummies which had higher content at a much lower volume of (seemingly healthier) serving size at a slightly higher price range.
    If I can remember the 3 gummies were 30mg each, I believe I tried 2 and just got a headache which could just have happened regardless, or overused, but still didn't feel stoned (even when I ate the left over sober).
    Maybe one day I'll try again but don't feel any urgency to surprisingly, it's something I'd like to be interested in.

  2. 10mg is a joke. The government has completely botched legalization. I hope the NDP make more reasonable decisions when they hold the balance of power. I want to quit smoking pot but I can't get high off that meager dosage. I also want pot gummies and thc infused coca cola. They have completely overegulated legal weed and so long as that remains the case the black market isn't going agnywhere.

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