1. awesome News! so much have I learned looking into the cannabis plant and its many facets and nuances… questions emerge answers arrive and cannabis keeps on Kickin !

  2. I discovered your channel not so long ago and since then I am bingewatching. The testimonials have transformed my opinion about cannabis. Thank you for your perseverance in doing this work. I am looking forward to the upcoming shows. 💕

  3. I don't know if CHR is tied in any way to the long awaited sequel to RFTC, Christian Laurette and Rick Simpson…But does ANYONE know why this dropped off the face of the earth? I know CHR has promised more episodes, and is trying to fund raise, but am truly wondering what happened on the whole sequel. I don't know if this is tied to that despite the commonalities and many references on CHR to Simpson.

  4. I hope you come back .Please more than ever. When so many want us tall look like a bunch of stoners.And if some need to use the plant for that , well so be it. But the medicine side needs more exposure .Thank you

  5. I'm SO happy you are coming back!! I have listened to 80% of the stories on your channel and I am 65 days into my rso journey for my stage 2, previously stage 3 hormone driven breast cancer. The stories have given me the spirit I needed to make that really tough decision of not taking chemotherapy or radiation treatments. I can't wait to be one your success stories on your show. ❤

  6. So happy to hear you're coming back. I was diagnosed as stage 4 adenocarcinoma in my lungs, lymph and L5 lumbar. Also have interstitial lung disease. I use this podcast for hope…to hear people that are beating it. I'd love to hear more recent victories,….and maybe even be one…

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