Cannabis Legalization in Canada – Marijuana Use by Tenants

Cannabis will become legal in Canada on October 17th 2018. The legalization of consuming Marijuana and growing it has created a lot of confusion for property …


  1. you should permit outdoor growing I am a renter in a large apartment building the risk of fire is what concerns me I have a back ground in HVAC most people do not have the education for indoor growing

  2. As a tenant and Marijuana user I find some of this a bit off, first I will say this; Power consumption (Hydro) most of grow bulbs are only 3 watts (UV) compared to the Eco green bulb in your everyday rental place are between 15 -60 watts, remember that we will only have access to no more than 4 plants (that is less than 15 watts) , I do somewhat agree with moisture issue its a hard point to figure out, Growing has proven to cause mold if done incorrectly ( this is were the government is starting to trip on). The most problem is not if it should or not be done but educating and better laws to make sure that when Oct. 17th comes that all parties can figure out without some Tenant landlord war.

  3. When the board starts hearing issues about smoke or mould I would love to see a video on the findings. I know I'll be eagerly awaiting a precident that I can rely on for guidance.

  4. Thanks for the video. I will be purchasing a dehumidifier for all tenants. Really it's good for them to have no matter how you look at it It works for me and my humidity levels in my basement are actually lower than ever when set at 50% humidity.

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