1. I have PTSD I will do anything to stay up then when to do sleep I wake up in pools of sweat after 3-4 hours maybe 5 if I m really lucky. I been smoking CBD flower For about 2 weeks now and I keep Waking up Freezing cold after like 5 hours. Im assuming once I hit deep sleep my body get cooler or something or maybe something with my normal meds. I cant wear a blanket yet cause its Fing hot in Texas rn and cost alot to cool. But Im hoping that once I can Ill get my first 6+ hour in like the last 12 years.

  2. I have to be under my covers with my phone turned off before I take an ambien. Otherwise I cook weird meals and do weird shit. One time I set fire to my room mates garden at 3 am. I'm so lucky I didnt do any actual damage or get the cops called. The conversation the next day was so awkward.

  3. If you really want to offer information/.//./have real doctors real scientist not BS artist… much of what said is total BS.. Sorry fellas you know shit.. just admit it..

  4. I recently bought my first THC free CBD water soluble. At first you think well it may be helping me to relax.. then you ask yourself if you're really feeling anything.. My final judgement… It is total BS don't buy it..don't waste your money it is total BS…. Period. It's all about the power of suggestion..what you believe becomes reality…and well that's just not gonna help ya at all.. it will do one thing it will empty your pockets fairly quickly. This dude is totally full of shit. SHIT !!! He can speak BS and it all means zero… Fuck head ! Don't buy into this BS…

  5. If you have sleep issues you are most likely deficient in Magnesium. Get vitamin & mineral defiance testing. Did you know that 1/3 of Americas are vitamin & mineral deficient? Top deficiencies D, B complex, Magnesium. Magnesium keeps the body calm = better then drugs or what ever Joe is selling = his video was an info commercial!! HE’s most likely being paid by that company!! Watch the free documentary called Super Juice me on you tube. And also google “Jason vale juicing you tube”. Let food be thy medicine ~ Father of Medicine Hypocrites.

  6. CBD is in the midst of being TAKEN OVER! i'm worried that people won't be able to find the organic and natural and full spectrum stuff anymore … we know how the big guys work, they trash the industry and crash the industry – then they make their own one and revive the industry with a "standardised" but totally devoid mechanical fake supplement. Hopefully we can find the small disperseries and companies that continue to serve the best ORGANIC CBD on the planet like myself in Holland @ cre8-health.com – good luck everyone

  7. before I go to bed at night to relax my body I start from my toes and work my way up to my head and scalp I wiggle my toes to get the muscles to relax and then I'll rock my feet back and forth and get my calf muscles and the muscle beside the shin to relax hamstrings gluteus maximus back muscles shoulder muscles pictorial traps shoulders arms ears and head once you wiggle all those and start from the bottom and work your way to the top you'll be so relaxed you'll be ready to fall asleep to great method and it works good

  8. bro the hell with Ambien fuck Ambien I got so addicted that shit I was shooting it injecting it with a needle in my vein and wow what a fucking ride for the first 20 30 seconds and then it was like I did a bag of dope very horrible shit man that shit almost fucking killed me and it almost ruined my life it makes me vomit to hear that word I swear to God it does but we need to get education out there about it so I'm giving props to you guys

  9. I have suffered with insomnia and anxiety and depression for year tried absolutely everything and all the media and everyone talks about is cbd oil or weed no matter the quality or strength it did nothing for me I think it’s overrated

  10. For myself specifically CBD and THC make it to where I cannot sleep. Whether taken as just CBD or just THC or combined. Ambien, Xanax, Valium, and klonopin at max doses don’t allow me to sleep either but rather put me into a trance state where I am awake the entire night but am not myself. Seroquel is the only medication that allows me to sleep. I am one of those weird humans that will go 3+ days without a wink of sleep if I don’t take a tranquilizer. Seroquel allows for me to sleep 6-8 hours where nothing else has. All those who say “do meditation” or “breathing exercises” have never had a level of insomnia where their body is completely unable to sleep without being shut down by an outer source. I do meditation along with breathing exercises while taking seroquel, daily.

  11. I’m going to be starting Ambien tomorrow since I have tried just about everything and I just can’t take this anymore. I’m already addicted to Oxy, Soma, Xanax now this Ambien is going to be my 4th addiction. I know it’s horrible but I’m desperate and NO I’m not just grabbing for a quick fix. I did 6 MONTHS of professional Dialectical behavioral therapy where sleep including all ADL was a key factor in therapy, DIDNT HELP. CBD does nothing for me and THC sent me in an ambulance bcuz it put me into cardiac arrest. SO IM JUST FUCKED NO MATTER WHAT😵😥

  12. The PRESIDENT Joe is against all drugs and medications! This is well known you idiot! Do you truly think he could rise to where he is and be as smart and clear thinking as he is ………if he took AMBIEN??????

  13. I have been taking ambient every night for 7 years. I use to sleep eat for a period of time. It was always candy that I would eat. Had to be sweet. I have bought stuff in my sleep while on that. I would wake up the next day see my eBay emails saying I won blah blah. 2 times I drove my car around while on it. I had acid like hallucinations while on it. Now, I don’t do any of that. It’s pretty normal now. I don’t feel that it is damaging me in any way. I just want to sleep. But I’m going to give melatonin a try. Maybe this cbd shit.

  14. Heavy cannabis users can still have normal amounts of rem sleep unlike someone who gets really stoned and gets knocked out. I am a heavy user and dream every night, I recently took close to a week off of smoking and I didn’t have the crazy dreams people talk about after a tolerance break.

  15. Ben greenfeild forgot to mention that once you start taking any drug including pharmaceuticals and thc/CBD oils for sleep you can't stop taking them.I smoked weed chronically for 35 yrs which fucked up my sleep centre in the brain,when I stopped I literally could not sleep without drugs.

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