CBD Oil For Autism 2019 – This is a super interesting product! CBD SPREY: SUBSCRIBE ➤ WORK WITH …


  1. Nice video man, 1st time on your channel but very good vibs.
    Regarding CBD, yeah man, it is a life savior for me ( my addiction) and my girlfriend, she has HUGE anxiety and this helps her a lot!

    Honestly, CBD is the best thing that happened to this world since a long time !! and it is a plant ^^

    drvitaminsolutions seems nice, but they don't have flowers and we smoke lot of flowers ^^ i go mostly on plantandhemp, they have flowers and lot of brand for oil, and the one i use is very good. and they have an affliate system i tk, maybe you can also review their product 🙂

    Keep on working and stay on the positive vibes side<3

  2. Could you do a video about the intersection of highly functioning autism "asperger" and intellectual giftedness? I'm on the top 2% and suspect i could be on the spectrum. I can't find reliable information, and it would help me a lot to articulate in order to seek professional diagnosis.

  3. Very interesting. I’ve been considering looking into cbd to help my aspie. He’s 12, almost 13. Do you think that’s too young to try? I’ve thought about it for my own depression and anxiety as well.

  4. Why does it have water and glycerine? If you extract the trichomes, you only need oil.
    I hate that it has all the extra additives.
    Water & oil do not go together 🤷🏻‍♀️⁉️

  5. I think most of these supposed CBD products have very very little if any real CBD, so if you dont notice much from a product you should try to get some pure CBD extract (they come in wax, crumble, budder, and other consistencies) or try some CBD weed. There are a lot of weed strains that are extremely high in CBD with little to no THC, along with terpenes that make them flavorful. You can use an herbal vaporizer to vaporize the weed with no harshness from smoke.

  6. Hi! I have a 5 year old son, he has a language disorder and anxiety, his psychologist and occupational therapist both feel he has autism also, so we have started the long wait to get a diagnosis. Growing up did your parents tell you, “hey you have x x and x?”. My son knows he has a language disorder but I’ve realised I’ve never sat him down and said you have it, and this is what it means etc. but I know he would know as it’s regularly mentioned in his therapy appointments and when we are out and about if children try to play with him and he isn’t understanding them or playing appropriately I do let the parent of the child know he has a language disorder. I suppose I just don’t want him to feel like he has something wrong with him that we are trying to fix, I feel like I’m going about it all wrong but I really am not sure what to do or how to approach it all.

  7. 🚀🚀🚀G'day, hope you don't mind me posting here BUT I'm also an Aspie and a lesser known YouTuber and mental health advocate. My channel is more personal based because I'm raw. Anyhow if there's any CBD/Weed companies that want to sponsor me and see this comment, please do. I'm Australian so it'd be groundbreaking as I'm all about awareness. Marijuana is the only thing that helps my autism, borderline etc

    BTW I really love this community 🚀🚀🚀I hope to reach as many people as you one day my friend. You've done an amazing job creating a safe place to educate and share with the world matey. Thank you.

  8. I'm a little afraid to take that because after much research I found that there is only a small amount of real CBD oil on the market. Most of it is a synthetic mix with real weed inside of it. The real CBD oil is very expensive and desperately needed for little children who have severe life-debilitating seizures. I wouldn't want to take their medications. I would however totally consider persciption medical weed or another type of CBD oil that's not going to take away from the kids.

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