CBD Oils: Are There Dangers/Precautions (Pharmacist Perspective)

CBD Oils: Are There Dangers/Precautions (Pharmacist Perspective) Bob and Brad along with guest speaker, Chris the Pharmacist present the dangers and …


  1. What are his products… i’m going to ask my neurologist tomorrow about CBD oil
    I started having seizures again they have me on two seizure medications
    I want to see what he says and recommends.hoping he takes me off of one of the pills or lessens my dose .I have been on for years..Too much brain fog.The other neurologists had me on to much medicine.I have also developed some anxiety I don’t want pills for it.Maybe it would help me with that and not sleeping.

  2. Good video.
    Essential oils also help for topical pain, anxiety…lots of stuff. A healthy diet & movement helps…as best you can. Keto diet proven for seizures. You need to do your own research. There are multiple answers/modalities that can help us.

  3. I tried cbd oil, thc in coconut oil-used in edibles like to make cannabis cookies, smoked cannabis and tried a cbd cigarette-for some reason it has opposite effect: I feel nauseous and it’s an appetite suppressant! The only think I can tolerate so I could eat something was some cream! It’s weird. I can’t use that topically or eat it, Injest it. (Or smoke it).😄🤷🏻‍♀️

  4. I know people who said no doctor prescribed medicine eased their pain. They obtained a CBD oil and they have been pain free. They say you need to be sure to get a water based. Just like prescription drugs, every manufacture isn’t created truly for your health and has risks. You have to research. I have used the lotion and received immediate relief from the Pain resulting from a strained calf that had me using a boot. It also helped my bulging disk pain.

  5. All tied in with Pharmaceutical industry, i call bullshit ive done cannabis for 50 years, quit lying 🧚🏽‍♂️yeah, check with yer doctor good advice, fucker (not) dont listen to this crap (remember THEY the drs, ARE part of the MACHINE that is taking us down! I get remotely attacked for this, trust me, they r not on ur side (DISinfo) ⚡️💥THEY R NOT trying to do the best for you, they lie 🤢🤮 DO NOT BE AFRAID OF CANNABIS, fear is their game (FRUIT TOO) doctors lie to you! They will not help after 20 years with SAME DR, is letting me die! MORGELLONS🧡✨⚡️they care nothing about, RSO (rick simpson oil)

  6. I'm a bit disappointed in this video Given that this is a physical therapy topic, I would have thought the use of CBD for arthritis/joint pain would at least have been mentioned. I could care less about "anxiety syndrome" or the other subjects covered.

  7. I took pharmaceutical drugs and ended up finding out I have a heart condition that cause my heart to slow down extremely slow and in which 3 yrs ago, it led to a heart attack. So having to come off most pharmacy drugs, I resorted to CBD oil. However I found it didn’t help with the pain for anymore then 4 hrs at a time and was costing me 300$ a month. So I’m going old school and using videos from your site to manager the pain. Although not 100% effective, it’s still helping, it’ costs nothing and I won’t have a heart attack because I follow these videos.
    so thanks for doing these….!
    ❤️via Edmonton Alberta Canada 🇨🇦

  8. 100s of millions of people have taken these drugs for thousands of years. If there was a significant risk of liver failure under standard conditions, I'm pretty sure we would know it at this point.

  9. IMO, the pharmacist was quite fair in his presentation and didn't seem biased for or against CBD oil. I enjoyed his explanation , even though I would never use CBD oil myself. It's always good to watch Bob and Brad, the two most famous physical therapists on the internet.

  10. Cbd is not regulated… they add melatonin. I only know that because I tried it and guess what melatonin does for me the same exact thing my CBD oil did. I later did some research and found out they do actually put melatonin in there. The plant is the most natural and safest bet. But no one really wants to help fix anything or fix anyone….it's all about the dollar…. more profitable to keep people sick or injured. That's why they keep it illegal…. and God forbid you actually find a CBD oil that actually works you can't carry your firearm anymore. But people can go around twenty-four hours a day hopped up on prescriptions and mind-altering prescriptions 5 to 10 different ones a day or drink and drive and still carry a firearm. These are doctors, nurses, cops, your mother, your brother your sister your cousin. Doesn't it bother anyone that these professionals could ruin somebody's life in a blink of an eye because of prescription that are literally mind altering….. for pain. I think that's absolutely insane. Fix the issues…get to the root of the matter. Pretty messed up world we live in these days.

  11. CBD is a supplement, not a drug. Using the word “dose” is inappropriate and misleading. Like all supplements, it affects each person differently – the amount taken, frequency and delivery method is individual. Find a reputable CBD company that has purity standards, lab testing and extensive information on the container. This video is a horribly narrow representation of CBD. That being said, thank you for starting the conversation on your channel. 😀

  12. This pharmacist sounds like a wise practitioner. He favors caution over emotional trends. CBD oil, and marijuana, is the Wild West without consistency in purity of the product not to mention the lack of study for long term effects.

  13. MHO, Brad & Bob should sit on the same side of the guest. Guest doesn't have to keep turning his head and it doesn't seem like one of the interviewer is left out.

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