CBD Success Stories – A short documentary on CBD changing lives

I have compiled many different short videos on how CBD has changed the lives of people dramatically. Through this video, you will see just how fast and …


  1. You should make an informative video on Thca isolation via the use of solvents (or solventless) extractions. I feel going over the pros and cons of each and educating individuals wishing to learn would make for a fantastic video. Great vids and keep up the good work amigoπŸ‘

  2. My dad is 63 and has had Parkinson's for a long time but was only diagnosed a few years ago and it is debilitating. He is also bipolar. He suffers really badly from manic episodes and he has to be sectioned now more than ever since the two conditions make the other worse. Because of interaction with his current medications, he can't take the parkinsons medication. I've been too scared to give him anything, cannabis is illegal here plus I don't want it to affect his mental health. I didn't think CBD would be enough but since it helped the second guy in this video I think we might give it a try. I use it myself for pain and anxiety.
    Sorry for the novel but… Yeah, thanks for posting this.

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