Certo Marijuana Detox to Pass Drug Test | CERTO METHOD WORKS 2019!

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  1. Just thought I'd let you all know, this method helps to dilute your urine. It doesn't actually cleanse you or detox you. THC is stored in your fat cells so unless you're sweating and burning fat, you're not actually getting rid of anything. The B12 is to keep your piss from being clear and signaling whoever's giving the test, that you've diluted your urine.

  2. I have my test today. I found out I had to take the UA after I accepted the position yesterday. Ill update this later. I did certo last night and chugging the certo for today now, with Gatorade and I'm going to drink the water and take the b12 in the prescribed manner. I'll let y'all know. I only use Tinctures, man! I'm a disabled combat vet, and I prefer cannabis to the 7 other meds the VA gave me. Im 5'8 and about 160lbs give or take with some body fat like 9% i guess. Anyway, I'll update when I get the results. Good luck everyone, one day we will all be free!

  3. Lol
    Need this when you were literally one yr old as I didnt follow the ClenseTea directions right and literally pissed a gig away plus fucked another one up a few later but beat when was guzzling AppleCidarVinegar which could have literally put a hole in my stomach.
    Did this method and also passed a similar ine without the Certi over a decade ago and helped this chick U know pass hers.
    Although they've perfected pre made versions of this since the early '00s, have always been fascinated by this process.
    Since then, sweat profusely every other day, have incorporated a few of those into a daily drink and drink massive amts of water so food look in putting this into effect for the masses the way u did, Salute!

  4. For all Stoners who need a job/career but need to pass a drug test to get employed! Telling you first hand experience from a fellow stoner myself. CERTO WORKS!!!!!!! I had a job interview with a country club for a full-time position and got the job, but…… needed to pass a drug screen. I’m like “ughhhh f*%# me”!!! Just so everyone knows. I’m 25, I’ve been smoking since junior year of high school. Blunts, joints, bong, dabs, pens, you name it. Everyday high af. Up until 1 day before my test! After the interview, they had me take the test the next day, OBSERVED! So synthetic piss was out of the question. So Certo was the only option. I weigh 170lb, 6’4 with a very high metabolism. Pretty sure that helped a lot but my tolerance is like a ox so i smoke like a chimney and I didn’t know how much thc was in my system,which made me worry. I started my detox the night before which is important I believe. B-complex pills, creatine monohydrate, and multi vitamins are essential! B-complex helps a lot with the color because your piss will be dilute. Creatine is what’s tested for your urine which won’t show up if it’s dilute so that’s needed. And the multi-vitamin/gummies Is important too, wasn’t really sure why but that’s what I read to use as well.Just follow the steps in the video and you guys will be ok. Just need to take everything a couple hours prior to the test. It’s all about the timing, you gotta do it right. I read for some people it didn’t work but for a lot it did as well. Oh and I threw up my second pack of Certo, so I’m thankful I bought 2 boxes because I ended up drinking a 3rd one. All in all it worked, it’s possible! Sure weight, metabolism and how long you’ve been smoking is all factors whether you pass or not. But this is the real deal you guys. If it wasn’t for Certo I wouldn’t be typing this for all to see. Good luck and God Speed!

  5. Alright y’all I smoke 2 days ago and yesterday got a random call to come in, today.. I’m hoping on a miracle lmaao I did Gatorade and certo and some water last night and doing another one rn with 3/4 gallon on water, It’s 8:30 and my test is at 11, I don’t know what type of test the manager is gunna have me do but hopefully I pass😂😩🤞🏼

  6. Im really scared im on probation and smoked last night ive passed once with this and failed another time because im sure i didnt do it right.. How long does it last to pass before ot comes up posotive again??? I have a ua in october 2019

  7. 2019 yes it dose works 100%

    This what I did I'm a heavy smoker most never say how much they smoke or how many days they have stopped I'm 20 days no smoking I used to smoke 3 to 4 blunts a day for years 13 to be exact

    I drunk 2 gatorades 20oz 2 certo packs 1 niacin 1 b12 at 5pm yesterday between 5 and 8 I Drank 5 16oz water bottles

    Took my home test at bout 7:45
    2 lines showed all the way across so again this method really works it don't clean your system it mask the drugs in your system

  8. I use CBD, It's suppose to be THC free ,but the pink line did not show on the last test. Do you think Dr's will allow that if you tell them that you take CBD? I'm going to do this anyway & thank you so much!(my test is in the PM)

  9. So can you pee after drinking that and before your drug test???? Or should the first pee after drinking it be the pee for the test?? Because my test is at 7 am and im nervous thinking how to do it

  10. Okay just got lab results today and unfortunately it did not work for me I stopped smoking for 9 days and it depends on the levels they’re testing for apparently their cut off was 15 pg mine came up as 37 so I’m trying to contest it saying I consumed hemp oil


  12. Passed my test today using this. Be sure you take it two hrs before. And piss a few times. You don't really have to chug a fuckin gallon of water. It holds your toxins in btw it's not a detox. Meaning if you exceeds the two to three hr window after you drink it you will be dirty again. It only works for a few hours.

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