1. THis was actually encouraging. I did kept for about a year, and I felt great, lost weight, improved health. I moved out of state to take care of my parents, and on arrival they were out of control, and i had to scramble to get them the help they needed. I tried to maintain while with very limited access to stores, and never thought of Aldi. I have been off kept for 3 years now, but try to eat as healthy as possible, which is a joke. I needed this video, thanks.

  2. Bison is actually the highest in protein of all meats.

    Just starting my Keto journey today. I’ve got about 100lbs to lose.

    Thanks for this video! I love to shop at Aldi’s and this video was so informative.

  3. Cringed every time he picked something up to show only to put it back in the WRONG spot. If you’re going to film in their store at least have the decency to leave things where/as you found them.

  4. Some people look at Aldi like the supermarket for the poor. Actually I love the quality and the warranty! I save and I can get good clean food in there. Whatever I don't find, I go to another store but this is my first option always. The one by my neighborhood has the most friendly staff ever too! 🙂 Thanks for the video…I really enjoyed it!

  5. Very different from Aldi in Ireland…its geared towards specific diets…but your vid was very informative…easy to identify what we should look out for and why…many thanks…the deposit for tge trolley is to make sure u bring it back..in Ireland its 2 dollars .50…lol…2euro…and the bags they sell we use every week …so no ongoing plastics…more sustainable…

  6. Aldi in the Netherlands is very big and also a very old supermarket. It's funny to see this in U.S. But I wouldn't recommend the fish from the freezer though. They inject it with water and other ingredients to keep the water in and to let it not taste like fish. There are people who want to eat fish but don't want to taste it, go figure, haha. After you had cooked them, the fish will shrink. Half of it is water.

  7. Wow. I aim for $50 a week for a family of 2. I often reach about $70. I do keto but I only eat one meal a day, so that could be why also, a carton of eggs go a long way.

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