1. Many people are allergic to coconut oil on the skin and internal. You can use olive oi, hemp oil (this one is nice just don't go past its burning point) or You can also use Grape Seed oil and it also has a higher temp. boiling point (meaning that it can take high temp. less likely to burn off and it is vegan friendly. There are many different oils that can be used.

  2. Hello. Greetings from England. I've just discovered your channel. Infused Coconut oil is now cooling in the fridge. Going to experiment tomorrow with adding differing quantities of both Beeswax and Cacao butter. Are you Canadian?

  3. Hi once again my question to you is if I make this ointment and rub it in my skin or someone else’s skin without telling them what it’s made from or out of will they get high from the ointment? I ask you this question because if you can remember in one of your other videos I told you how I would make my tea and brownies that I (never eat just give away to friends and family )and I never learned how to use the proper dose all I do know is when I lick the spoon I get really high and stay high for at least two days so that’s why I asked that question if it gets into their skin will they feel the effects of the THC or would it be more of a CBD felling or no feeling affect from the cannabis so that I could let them know what to expect once massaging it into their feet, shoulder or any body parts thanks.

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