1. That is quiet a silly claim by the UK Cancer Society that there has been no positive results in cannabis oil curing cancer– because they don't do clinical trials. However, I cured my colon cancer by using CBD/THC –and cured it within two months. I wrote a book about my story. it is on Amazon if you wish to view it. CANNABIS OIL CURED MY CANCER by John Gabriel. If you are in Europe, Ireland or Britain, where CBD/THC MEDICAL CANNABIS OIL IS NOT AVAILABLE, you can always come to Canada and avail yourself of this natural miracle medicine. Remember, pharmaceutical companies will not allow a cure for cancer. There is no profit in a cure. Don't be afraid of their scare tactics. Go do what you must to live. There are many utube videos pertaining to cannabis oil curing cancer and also how the oil works in killing off the cancer. In a hundred years they have not found a cure for cancer because they don't want too. I am all good now–four years past that horrible time.

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