Ebb & Flow Hydro Cannabis Timelapse Grow – Clone To Harvest

A time lapse video and guide of a White Widow x Rockstar’s Cheese plant closet grow in an ebb & flow (flood & drain) hydroponic system from clone to harvest.


  1. What was your watering cycle through the grow? (I know you mentioned 4 times a day at the beginning but im not sure if you kept it that way during the whole process) Thanks in advance!

  2. Wicked video. I have a question.. The way that reverting the plant back to the veg stage half way through the flowering stage.It obviously yields super thick denser buds due to new bud growth.. This will mean the end product will be a mix of mature and immature flowers. I know this gives a massive yield, but will it reduce the quality of the finished product due to mature buds being diluted in quality/strength by immature buds?

  3. Hey mate, quick question, when you switched the grow to flower, to test if the light leak was affecting the growth, yeah what’s the signs that the β€˜flowering’ switch had work?, as oppose to the plant continuing the veg stage? Cheers

  4. It's my first time trying to clone im using rockwool I hope they come out like yours. I'ma sub to u bro maybe ill learn some shit

    Keep it up tho bro I don't see alot of good grows out there. I like your clean setup

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