1. im doing a 1 month break right now, ending in 2 days
    last time i smoked i smoked 2 grams in a bong in an hour, was smoking daily for quite some time and needless to say i wouldn't really get high anymore
    this is the first real t break ive done in years and i dying to find out how the effects change
    so hyped for friday ^^

    yo quick update guys that shit was banging man i cant believe it…1 month really sets your tolerance wayyyy back and its truly awesome. defo worth it

  2. I haven't smoked weed in a whole year and I just got 5 seeds of White Widow x Northern light cross and gonna grow soon, can anyone tell me how high I'll get?
    Edit: You look like Seth Rogen

  3. Hey Bud, glad your back, and good you enjoyed your trip and yes we care 🙂 Great to hear about your experiences. Tolerance breaks are always good. I'm glad i don't have to rely on it for any medical conditions, cause it's nice that its not something I have to be dependent on, and any medical benefits for me is a real bonus. Take care. Cheers!

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