Entrepreneur Scares The Dragons Over Potential "Drugs Ring" | Dragons' Den

Michal Takac and marketing director Tim Inskip entered the Den asking for £50000 in exchange for 15% of their company – Carun, a specialist organic hemp …


  1. How old is this? Full spectrum cannabis oil (no thc) and cbd are HUGE and really well known. Atleast here in the US they are, you can buy hemp oil and cbd at almost every gas station, smoke shop, and drugstore

  2. What Peter thought about in the beginning is a big problem. Cannabis without THC is NOT a drug. Cannabis have a lot of great features which people ignore because they don't understand how it works and have been brainwashed that cannabis is just a drug

  3. Jenny knows this deal wont go through behind doors for actual paperwork so she agrees to a deal that she will have to give zero money into.. why you say ?

    Because she has to be seen at least once offering an offer in 1 year….

    That's all she does- sits on this show for free samples and makes offers to companies where the paperwork wont go through- so that on the record shes an "Active Dragon"

  4. "There's huge multiple risks, you're halfway through a contract that could be terminated at the end, and you could end up building a brand that your mates will benefit from….I'm in"
    Does Jenny know this isn't a remake of Brewster's Millions?

  5. YOu guys really need to legalize it like we did here in Canada. I just smoked a huge bowl and then ate a gummy bear that has cbds that will help out with the arthritis, etc… plus the plant is VERY good for us….that's why it's illegal!

  6. Peter “do you know who I am” Jones

    Tej: “i can get you in anywhere” Lalvani

    Deborah: “let me see the patent” Meaden

    Jenny: “you know what’s next” Campbell

    Touker: “I have warehouses and materials” sulymon

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