Farm bill will ignite the CBD market: Tidal Royalty CEO

Tidal Royalty Corporation CEO Paul Rosen on the recently signed $867 billion farm bill and his outlook on the cannabis market.


  1. "Hemp is closely related to marijuana"
    Oh it is huh. Maybe its the male version of marijuana?
    Which would make it marijuana?
    I thought fox news was stupid but not that stupid.
    Jesus christ.

  2. I can't wait to see what happens on a community level. Vertical farms growing hemp will change the way we live. Or maybe it won't get that far. I don't know whats gonna happen. I'm stil shocked that Trump did this. I mean he isn't the driving force behind he signed it into law. Bigger than Obama legalizing gay marriage.

  3. Woods would be a nother you know 20 years $500 for a tree power lines only last 200 max?. keep ten percent for old grain growth faster grow in genetic if you could put the hemp in the rest on a year bud run while keeping the main for the hemp on 20 years $$$$pulp and fiber

  4. Before plastic, etc. hemp was used to make all ropes, Henry Ford’s fuel for truck an tractors you grow on your farm, he made a suit out of it and wore it to Washington promoting Hemp. Smoking it isn’t like smoking marijuana.

  5. Another major benefit of big hemp fields is that they absorb and eliminate radiation from the atmosphere. We have a high level in the northern hemisphere and I hope this is enough to help in a big way.

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