1. The studies are done and the verdict is in, when are people in chronic pain going to be able to use this proven and safe pain killer instead of being forced to take dangerous opioids or nothing.
    Every time someone dies of an opioid overdose the responsibility is now on your shoulders.

  2. Damn useless pricks. Plenty of studies already been done. No doubt the pharmaceutical industry will get to monopolise it to add to their countless billions of wealth

  3. More tax, more tax for the government. It is a weed, grows on marginal ground, the by products can help with the land and it has less water consumption thana grop of its type. It can even be stock feed. So Australia just , GROW IT.

  4. Hopefully they will legalise it soon!
    I'm not interested in smoking it but I *would* want to try the *edibles* (drinks, smoothies, etc).
    I've heard that CBD (cannabidiol) can be very helpful in treating insomnia and I've had sleep problems for many years.

  5. Are Australians a different species of human? – how else can this abuse of taxpayer funds be explained when the long term evidence for the efficacy of medicinal cannabis is not only overwelming and readily available but been used by other countries for years! Who will benefit from this cash cow? What are their views/biases? How independent will they be? There are many questions that need answering. The health bureaucracy and medical mafia have opposed and obstructed medicinal cannabis every step of the way – this will be another attempt at sabotage. While this game continues, people continue to suffer needlessly and die before their time – they don't have time to wait Minister!

  6. We already have "medicinal marijuana", it's a medication called MARINOL. There's a pharmaceutical called MARINOL, but medical marijuana will be abused by people who'll use any excuse to sit on welfare & smoke pot.

  7. Medicinal Marijuana I'm okay with. There are people who are in pain & need it, there are people with a type of epilepsy who need it (it won't treat all epilepsy). But to claim sitting at home all day smoking cone after cone of this plant high in naturally deriving of mercury, lead & tar; will 'cure you of cancer' is just total stoner stupidity. No wonder we have this "bipolar" epidemic. Bipolar disorder is ADD for over-18s caused by their life of smoking pot. Stoners are losers for a reason.

  8. When you want to buy time before you have to actually do something just ask for a study . . . It's the adult version of your 5 year old asking for a drink of water before you turn the light out for bedtime !

  9. i've smoked it over 25 years with no negative effects, the government needs to allow us to grow our own plants 2 or 3 is plenty per person, and stop making normal people into criminals just because they smoke weed and like to grow their own supply.

  10. A step forward and with Olivia Newton John using and supporting cannabis use change in laws are enroute.
    Irrespective if laws are not changed, users will continue to grow their own as mankind has for thousands of years.

  11. More friggin procrastination. If I could buy it ( & I don't know any criminals), I would gladly pay a couple of grand for an ounce of primo bud and a license to smoke it. This is equivalent to what I'd be spending on medications (no Health care card) and over the counter fixes anyways. I wish I had moved to the Free world when I won that Green card. I am literally Sick-to-death of the commie catholic boys club running things here.

  12. WTF? Pay 1/3 of that to every university across the world for all their data. Why redo what has been redone numerous times over. Don’t tax your people for your shortcomings.
    just sayin’

  13. Or they could call the USA govt and ask what their studies found as they gave it out to many patients over the years, all rolled up and ready. That would save a lot of money.

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