Growers Episode 2 – District Growers

Growing cannabis isn’t easy, but the benefits outweigh the challenges at this boutique grow operation known for its exotic strains. Meet Corey Barnette, the CEO of District Growers in Washington,…


  1. LMAO… I've heard it all now "aeroponics is like riding a…., " what?! The best method , the ONLY long term sustainable method that produces cannabis that taste the best and still yield as much as hydro is living soil. You HAVE to have the soil food web involved otherwise youremjust force feeding them salt based nutes and producing weird tasting harsh oderless pot, the environment is everything, that means food as well.

  2. Why does every grower in this series advertise general hydro nutrients ? They can't all be using them. Nectar for the gods works much better. I switched from fox farm and the difference is huge.

  3. And get your magnesium under control, stop trying to make a new strain and fucking focus on making the ones you know better, 33 strains is just bullshit if you are growing it's actually retarded, you've brain washed your employees into thinking you are a cannabis god but you are still a newbie to me!

  4. Second he seems to be micro managing his shit but not getting much out of it, the lights are to close to the plants, he has people in with no eye protection, he is trying to invent growing when it's already been invented. Look guy there's already great grow advise out there use it and stop trying to reinvent the damn wheel you will fail! Stop blaming your crew for your lack of knowing the plant cannabis!

  5. For those who think they have a poor grow, give them time. You gotta crawl before you walk. Humboldt, Ocean Grown, Lumberjack, etc. didn't start out perfect they had to learn organization in the commercial grow

  6. Not to mention the place they are growing is not very clean itโ€™s dirty shit is stacked everywhere and none of them have no idea what they are doing they are all still learning and so is the boss he doesnโ€™t really know whatโ€™s going on himself

  7. If he just stuck with one way to grow he'd be a lot more successful. He's a total builder! He keeps trying to grow a brain it seems and cannabis doesn't need that. It's a plant. It grows itself. Stick with soil and don't use LEDs and you'll be alright. He needs to take advice from the grow boss. It seems also that he sets his growers up to fail and then blames his mistakes on them. Those LEDs are too close and it's frying the plant.

  8. Traditional methods of growing aren't sustainable? So basically he's saying mother nature takes to long? Traditional methods have been working for what, 60 years?With his LEDs and inexperienced growers and stains no one had ever heard of. I'd love for the grow boss to see this. They're low on magnesium like a mofo as well. I give Corey props but he should get some more experienced growers. And I'm not even good! But i know what not to do and i know how to not kill my shit for 12 weeks.

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