Hemp Now LEGAL Across ALL 50 States!! – With CBD Twist

Let’s talk about that 2018 Farm Bill that has just moved ahead in congress and its impact on Industrial Hemp cultivation and CBD-rich Cannabis (it has the …


  1. now they sell 23%cbd buds legally. strange world.
    I really want to know if thcv still counts as delt-9 thc in their eyes. or if cbg is illicit for them.
    what about cbn, one of my favorites? I wish someone had a 20% cbn strain that would knock out your arthritis and loosen your joints into jelly

  2. our state governor vetoed hemp. No CBD oil. The state legislature wanted it, but our governor says we aren't ready. Law enforcement wouldn't be able to tell illegal pot, from hemp. lol. Ya, we are backwards.

  3. Try transporting hemp through Idaho and you will be arrested, tried and found guilty. It doesn't matter if it is less than 0.3 percent. Not only is ANY detectable amount illegal, both hemp and cannabis are illegal by Idaho state law.

    Hemp is considered cannabis in Idaho, and there are state laws that have NOT been rescinded, and are not overridden by this new federal legislature.

    The Idaho State Police recently made an example of a trucker hauling a load of hemp through Idaho, calling it "The Biggest Durg Bust Ever".

  4. Its crazy. Canada has a hemp shortage because most farmers are now growing cannabis. Could this happen in the USA. Lex, check out Hempworx, I think that you may be interested. They have great CBD products and an awesome compensation plan for people like you and your viewers. It's an amazing opportunity.

  5. No surprise about ol' Mitch really, c'mon! Mitch from Kentucky is heavily vested in tobacco – in Kentucky. Tobacco is dead. Hemp is big, world changing potential. Kentucky tobacco is trading up for Kentucky hemp. It grows real well there. Ol' Mitch is just protecting his investments adding new ones to his portfolio, and padding his own pockets and everybody's happy. What abuncha mooks.

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