Here are the pros and cons of weed legalization

Melissa Moore, deputy director of New York State Policy Office, and Luke Niforatos, chief of staff and senior policy advisor at SAM, debate whether pot should be …


  1. Legalize it. Is getting a high really an issue. Cause my blunt I smoke at home is really a reason to go to jail for 2.5 years while my cousin the state next to me (2 hour drive) is doing the same thing but in public without an issue just doesn't make since and if its gonna help our economy then why not. 2/3 of U.S citizens agree

  2. Ever see so many people babble on and on, babble on… Ever see such a divided nation? filled with drama and Roderic, stone walling, wondering wonderers…An ,A wall… nation, dividing America for a false profits fee. serving these… Hum t dump tea, sitting on a wall.A street…site seen like a bel like a bal..ring ring, yall… great earth quakes like yet to be seen before or since, pre paired for this? turn many bridges into the fall…hum de stump thee…Never knowing peace. Of having these. with all these violent war's, like beast. murdering, trample life underneath ? ..Wear is the Love? serving a Bal…speaking of money… how free is these neighbors now? Land of the fee…every one slave to an excessive lending bank?…interest instead of enter rest.. Wretched serving interest and penalties.. what is sown, dished out shall be reaped and dished back.. Even more in fact….. the price that truth brings….Rest and peace are for the living…Most every head of stone, what is written is known…bottomless pit of endless debt. Serving it and enslaving generations into it…How wretched their masquerade really is…forsaking their oath for a false profits fee. …..forsaking neighbors for these…Sad the land of Opportunity.. Only, Love will bring Unity…and that love is for life. freely Have they forgotten?
    Atoms family tree aka Life? too busy with their fruit aka Knowledge of Good /bad…insulting Life's fruit such as that….Hate filled fact…yet it lacks…wretched as that…Wonder filled fact… who can freely, bless? can you bless? I do and yes.. freely confess.. yet my time is not free…I've paid for these… These fruits of Life, should be set free….Measure for measure. Life is a loved neighbor…to bless his and her home…yes we reap what we sow…
    Spirit produces fruit & truth.

  3. Great move legalizing weed. You took one of the source incomes for drug dealers so guess what? They started dealing more crack/cocaine, heroin, and other harder drugs. What's your next genius move? legalizing heroin?

  4. Given the size of the extremely huge underground market , what downside to legalization.
    Your an idiot guy , we have and have hade a huge market. Decriminalization leaves the profits with the street dealers and cartels.

  5. Just fyi, no one died or was hospitalized prior to legalization from consuming unregulated Cannabis. Now a bunch of Brad's and Chad's like this guy take over and it's dangerous all of a sudden.

  6. #1 I promise he doesn’t care about black ppl in the hood or low income that was just an excuse and ppl can make there iwn choice to smoke idc how many liquor shops weed shops w.e there are if i have to choose between food and getting high ama pic food or. Bills and getting high ama pay bills it’s really not that serious

  7. People should be allowed to make their own choices. Women who are pregnant drunk all the time and that’s on them regardless of if it’s right or not. The government shouldn’t tell people what they can and can’t do, people are going to do it anyways

  8. The fact that Washington D.C. allows recreational marijuana is B.S.
    Washington needs to follow Federal laws period. They aren't a State. They want legal weed then make it Federally legal. Washingtons Politicians shouldn't be able to enjoy marijuana while 90% of the country cannot.

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