How CBD Oil saved my old cat from immediate euthanasia * UPDATE : I am sad to say he passed oct 1st

Update : he passed on oct 1st 2019 …so CBD oil bought me 11 precious months with my best friend) After spending over 700$ of vets and chemical meds I still …


  1. Powdered probiotics also help with diarrhea. Give daily with food.
    I have a 15 yo Tuxedo that looks like your gray kitty suffering from seizures now.Giving him Seizure Symptom Support and the CDB oil is on the way.Both together suppose to stop seizures.Yes!!! The stuff is expensive but less than the Vet and healthier for them.

  2. I love CBD oil!!! I use it for my cat also…she's got a few problems like hyperthyroidism & asthma…look into NHV Natural Pet Products…they have an amazing line of natural remedies for pets…I hate pharma drugs…give me natural…we are all biological and drugs do nothing to heal and strengthen, just mask along with a whole lot of side effects…I am giving her NHV Nature's Immuno which is a mushroom blend…yes cats can have mushrooms…they just have to be the right ratio…and cats can't eat certain mushrooms….also look into Pet Wellbeing and Noah's Ark CBD oil…she is also getting all of this…her breathing was really labored and she was coughing, barfed sometimes and had occasional watery poops….all of that has cleared up in a bit over 2 weeks except she did have a little cough the other day…but nothing like before…these natural products really do work!!! you just have to be careful and buy quality from reputable companies…love your cats…God bless

  3. Thank you for the informative video. I am going through the problem you went through, with my 18 year old cat and am confused on dosage size. I was hoping to see the mg/servering on your bottle of CBD oil, but it wasn't shown. I could only find a bottle of CBD oil for dogs and I bought it anyway. It says it is 20mg/per serving and I don't know how much to give my cat. Could you tell me how many mg's/per serving of the oil that you used, so I know I am not overdosing my cat please?

  4. Hi thanks so much for this vid. God bless you and your cats. Can you please list all the supplements and brands you give your felines? I noticed the two but what is the third one with the blue and white bottle on left? Thanks!

  5. How do you buy the raw food and prepare it? I’m about to start my 11 year old cat on CBD today. He has widespread abdominal carcinoma and is not eating. We’re going to get him on prednisolone as well. He’s in good spirits, but I need him to eat! I love your video!!

  6. JULY 20TH 2019 – « Boucane » is still doing very well after augmenting his dosage of CBD a few times. I changed CBD oils a fee times too because some are just ridiculusely expensive. We made sure of the purity of our supply a d now the brand we use is in hemp oil as a carrying oil and he wont lick it so we have to put it in food. Every say is a « borrowed day » and he gets tons of love. To the small, tiny human beings making asshole comments on this video, your opinions are so totaly irrelevant and insignificant to me ….you’re just wrecking your karma LOL

  7. The only problem is it says scientifically proven for this type of CBD that is inaccurate it has not been scientifically proven and it is not approved by the FDA nor does it have any reviews but about six or seven that you can find online

  8. Dr Andrew Jones dvm.-'veterinary secrets' suggests to give cbd oil directly in mouth or inside of ear – so as to bypass digestive system- absorbs right into blood stream !

  9. Great story, and such a beautiful kitty. This couldn't have come at a better time for me. Last Saturday, my vet called to say my sweet cat Endora's biopsy showed she has squamous cell carcinoma in her upper jaw. She's been on antibiotics for almost 2 weeks since she had 4 teeth removed. I just ordered 2 bottles of CBD oil but without any THC. Can you tell me if your cbd oil has THC or is just plain cbd. I'm desperate! I will only receive my cbd next week sometime…thanks!

  10. I just want to put an update here. After 6 months of doing well, he seems to loose appetite again. CBD is good to buy you time to prepare yourself to aay bye to your love one. It did NOT cure him and his organs had been taxed so much with chemicals prescribed by different vets , that a LOT of damages were already done. I just whish I would have started the CBD 2 years previous

  11. Thank you for sharing! I will be trying this for my cat! My last resort. I am hoping with diet and cbd oil this will help.. I was told to cook my meat though.. I will try anything to save my baby!

  12. My little dog Tia had cancer
    We spent hundreds of pounds new diet yuk
    Pills wouldn't take she was so ill
    We invested in cod oil £60.00 small bottle 3 drops per day
    What a transformation running eating living
    Sadly we lost Tia 6.10.2018
    I would recommend cud oil to everyone for pain I take it for chronic ibs
    I also have a tremour which improves after I have taken my cod drops
    100% pure no side affects at all totally natural
    Try it it works animals or humans

  13. I have an older cat and I just started her on CBD because she has some pain I think and I want to try some probiotics and enzymes if it helps her I will absolutely do it I love her so much! Thanks for the video! Hope your kitty is still doing well!

  14. My boy Ted has the same story, we came out of the vets this morning and they think he may only have a small amount of time left, they suspect bowel cancer. After seeing this ive just given him some of my cbd oil. My fingers are crossed that he becomes even half the cat he used to be again. Thank you for this video

  15. I’m fucking shook. I have a cat that is the same age and while he has no health problems whatsoever I did start to worry because I have bad anxiety… you’ve put my mind at ease. Thank you so much for posting this, I will be doing this if it happens to my sweet old boy. ❤️

  16. Wow we are going through the same thing. Three cats, two brothers 17 years and one of them has liver cancer and hyper thyroid. The third is our five year old female thrown out of car window with four siblings when she was four weeks old! Driver behind picked up the bag with the kitties in it and we got Sophie when she was eight weeks. Anyhow great video as our cancer cat went from 16 pounds down to 11 and we called the vet to put him down (broken hearted) but we started using CBD with a small ratio of THC and stunningly… he started eating again. Not a lot but he’s been with us a half year longer than he would have been. The cannabis makes him hungry and so he eats after an hour or so after taking the oil. Thank you for this!
    Update Apr19,2019
    Our beautiful cat Sammy stopped eating again in spite of EVERYTHING we tried doing for him. We brought him to another Vet after three days of not eating. During this time I had to squirt “liquid” down his throat and he wanted nothing to do with it. He was down to 9.2 pounds from his healthy 14-15 pounds two years ago. The new vet was great as she examined him and when she stopped checking him out he jumped off the table and went over to the corner of the room and sat down facing the corner. Avoidance is what he had been doing home and we said that if he was an outdoor cat he would be going under a bush to die. She totally agreed and advised us the kindest thing would be to put him out of his misery. We agreed and it was even more difficult than watching my parents die but she said it was great that we were willing to be with him at the very end. When she got him “hooked up” she brought him back in the room and we spent 15 minutes holding him, loving him and talking to him. Then seconds later he was gone. I’ve never cried so hard or so long for anything before. It’s over three weeks now and we miss him terribly. His brother Sydney and his adopted sister are trying to help me cope with the loss. I love them so much but there was only ONE SAMMY! Bless you all that love your cats. I never wanted to let myself think about his demise so it’s been incredibly difficult after 18 years with a cat that I KNOW LOVED ME AND WHO WAS SO EMPATHETIC TO MY STRESSES AND HEALTH PROBLEMS. I had my second heart attack (both with Cardiac Arrest) nine months ago and my spouse said Sammy never left the front door for eight days waiting/wondering where I was and when I would return home to him.(from getting stents in the hospital) we both agree Sammy never fully recovered from that stress and it was downhill from then on no matter what we did. Yes… I know all life ends but I just wasn’t ready for Sam’s life to end. Thank you all for your supportive comments.

  17. Went out this morning and bought CBD oil for my 10 year old cat – he was diagnosed with stomatitis and we have to wait a week and a half to see a cardiologist (vet said he has a heart murmur and needs an ok from a cardiologist before they can do dental surgery on him). I'm so glad I gave him CBD oil this morning because it I can see the drastic improvement in his disposition and demeanor. He's eating, he's talking, etc. What a relief. From this point on, I'm a believer. My question to you – how did you introduce a raw food diet to your cats? I tried once a couple years ago and they weren't interested. I'd love to get my cat on a raw food diet, appreciate any insight you have on this?

  18. May I ask you something?how does it smell?I got mine from a company name Pet Reilef..and I truly believe all might smell and taste the same,mine has a very strong tincture smell,you know,the same when hour grandparents gave us some,made out from hundreds different herbs.Anyway..its a disaster.My cat has asthma,and on the first dy I noticed she didn't cough at all.I hve also an elderly cat getting concerned about..anyway.Mine hates it.I have to force into their mouth with a syringe. I tried with tuna,they eat a little but the smell turn them off.I saw how your cat just licked it off the plate.Does yours smells strong too?I mean that one is way more expensive than mine.I just picked that,because the most YouTube videos show very big thumps up for pet relief.

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