How to grow outdoor Cannabis 2019 (part 1)

How to grow cannabis outdoor/ outside all natural bud growing video Legal weed run for fun and educational purposes must be over 21 years of age please .


  1. I might experiment growing in native soil like that as well but most of my plants will be grown in peatmoss and perlite in fabric pots of 15 to 30 gallons Ill also be growing Kratky style 3 plants to a 38 gallon tote .

  2. One tip I might give is to pinch the tops off , usually at the second node so the plants will make two heads than repeat over and over again till about three or four weeks until flower than you should have upwards of 60 main branches or colas per plant .

  3. I'm subbing back at you! I'm starting with this video, then following your series of video's. I'm trying to keep mine healthy, at least until it gets 70 degrees during the day, and stays in the 50's at night. (another week)

  4. Love your intro clips, they go perfectly with your music. If that plant that you left outside this winter survives, it may be the strongest individual you have. You might want to clone it , it seems to have very resilient genetics.

  5. Bro your videos are 🔥 you have talent. Put a lot into your work. I’m not that tech savvy when it comes to making videos putting footage together like that so I just record myself doing everything

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