How to make cannabis infused coconut oil, and a homemade topical pain reliever

How to make cannabis infused coconut oil and the kids arrived Nature’s Gift 99.9% Pure DMSO…


  1. …seems like you should accommodate P's interest in the grand kitty??!!?….additionally , thnk u for this today ( ie: info pain relief etc)… and not surprisingly so u have phenominal subscribers ie. those that sooo thoughtfully offer
    up info vitamins, supplements, additional pain relief remedies etc…

  2. So cool u did the infused coconut oil !! Very happy your son and daughter in law moved there, happy times!! You seem to be feeling better, Go Keto!! Gotta do what works for u. Maybe Parker and grand kittie can get used to each other. My just turned 8 yr old Min Pin only TRIES to chase cats outside but has learned over time to get along with them inside. Thanks for sharing

  3. Carolyn, I've noticed that you seem to be having "brain fog" problems lately. (Not being able to remember everyday words or terms when you want to remember them.) Whenever I am having this problem, I make a salad and open a jar of mushrooms (never a can!).
    Mushrooms have some amazing healing and temporary healing abilities, beyond the glucosamine and chondroitin that are extracted from them. Pieces and stems are good enough for brain fog. For more benefits, including joint restoration, try Mushroom Ukta-10 complex from Vita
    My information initially came from a technical book written by a doctor. Both Japanese and Chinese medical universities have been studying mushrooms for sometime and have found them to be more useful than pain meds for rheumatoid diseases. Not all of their mushrooms are native in America, but you can get growing kits and grow your own. They treat the whole disease, not just the symptoms. Not a total cure, but they can do a lot to re-establish one's health.

  4. That blue concoction is full of chemicals… they may relieve pain symptoms, I sure hope they don't cause other issues. I will stick with my CBD Cool Cream which has been awesome for my sciatica. To each our own, we gotta survive!

  5. Hi Carolyn love you so much I will be coming a patreon on the first. I'm 61 yrs And have rheumatoid arthritis. I too have tried the cbd oil nothing and the thc oil nothing.even the vapor pens. The thc oils made me feel a little woozy but no pain relief. So if you find something let us know. Love your channel so classy.take care pam McColloch??

  6. Great info..!! My daughter has fibromyalgia and R.A. sooo bad, and meds not working. She is in CO now, so should be able to get what she needs. ~ I'm going to try to save this video for her. ~ Sounds like this combination of creams would help her, whereas none other have…. Maybe the creams will help her pain, and the infused oil, her disposition….!! I know it's awfully hard to put on a happy face when racked with pain all the time…

  7. So happy to hear you are going back to keto! Following strict keto, my arthritis pain is gone, no FM symptoms, and overall no sign of inflammation. Even my allergies are not giving me trouble. This will be my next move if symptoms reappear. Thanks and sorry you got demonetized. Know your videos are still very much appreciated. Even if not paying off directly, maybe you will gain some viewers.

  8. The first bake turned the TCHa[acid] into psychoactive THC[Decarboxylation], the long cook infused cannabinoids into the oil could be very stoney… the Canna oil will literally kill cancer you should use it wherever you have skin cancer concerns such as face and arms, also small amount great for older dogs arthritis… If I had only known you were a cute hippie gal!…

  9. I've seen quite a few YouTube videos where the instant pot is used to infuse coconut oil; I have one, but still use a double boiler, for 6 hours. Potent stuff! I make candy to take only at bedtime for sleep, but you could make lower dosage ones for daytime pain relief. If you make tincture you can put a few drops in a beverage; someone on here mentioned difficulty swallowing after chemo–maybe that would be an effective delivery system for them. Dispensaries are too costly, and more fun to make your own, anyway. Wishing the best for you, especially in health. Peace.
    p.s. Martha Stewart has a new line of CBC products coming out for dogs.

  10. Glad to hear your kids made it safe!! & Thanks for the Pain reliever ingredients, I've had back pain for years, & nothing helped. Plus lately my knees have been going out on me too.. So gotta try that!! LOVES/HUGS to you & Parker!!! & your kids & his Kitty!!!!

  11. Didn't you bust people for pot in your former life??? HA HA! I think you will finally get relief from your pain with it and hopefully with the mixture of pain creams. Will keep watching for a progress report.

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