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Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is a high potency cannabis extract with high levels of THC, along with other cannabinoids. Many researches have demonstrated its …


  1. i cant believe this whole time ive been growing an smoking i didnt even realize just how easy this is an how cheap an how excellent the product comes out. i have 4 pounds of seeded weed cuz i live next to a hemp farm an this summer all the pollen hit my beautiful girls. so i have tons of un desirable seeded bud. an i cant afford to blast it with butane or rosin tech. an i always heard of rick simpson oil. my friends dad was takin capsules for cancer. so i go i wonder how they make that rso oil. an guys its so easy. i originally watched another video were the guy did a really fast run the first time an it came out like blond shatter. the longer u let the weed soke the darker oil u will have. totally worth it. they recommend ever clear grain alcohol or 99%proof isopropyl alcohol. but guys im on a budget an in my experience u have to order that 99% alcohol so i went to dollar g got 91% alcohol 3$ coffee filters 1.50$. it litterally cost me under 5 dollars to make up to 7 grams of this oil. so happy to have have learned it i strongly recommend people using this method for dabs.

  2. The blender and crock pot are completely unnecessary. Just be patient. It's better without heat anyhow.

    Why freeze if you're doing a long wash? You WANT the chlorophyll and other substances removed during wi terization.

    Fill the jar, cover with ethanol or iso, shake sporadically for 3 weeks, filter at above 77 f, evaporate under 120 f, add terpenes, decarb at 240 for 45 mins in sealed canning jar, pour into dish lined with wax paper, place in freezer.

    Upon removing you now have beautiful black shatter. Its STUPID strong and amazing for bipolar and PTSD and insomnia.

    Edit: this is made from the spent trim from quick wash ethanol extractions (beautiful shatter and terpene-solvent-oil)

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