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How do I quit smoking weed? Pot is harmless? Tommy Rosen, author of Recovery 2.0: Move Beyond Addiction and Upgrade Your Life and founder of …


  1. Hello dear person, I smoke MJ from 16 years, from 18 years on daily basis, now Im 22 and I feel myself more and more helpless like I let everything run over me, have no full control of my life, first I liked that a lot because MJ makes me feel allright in the moment and I just wanted that feeling all the time. But after time you get used to it and the moment you want to take control you cant, it's just way to chill to figure out what to do and why if you can get your relief through smoking. Well you can try to take control but anyway you'll endup smoking one because it's just way too good. So why stopping then? Well if you want to do something in your life you have to. There is no way you going to achive anything without full control. Even sober people struggling everyday to make it, and you high asf without any control gonna make it? You must be really lucky then, and even if you are, you are not going to be that happy like you could be sober, because weed is your relief. Life is like a joke when you smoke. It's like Im watching a first person movie and just let things be, while left my personality far behind. So I quit for a half year and you know what's the scariest part? Nothing changed. I could not identify myself. My soul is lost, I don't know who I am, I don't know what to do. But before smoking I knew that pretty well. Weed gives you lot of fun and joy but takes your memory and soul. I feel empty inside now, even im sober or not :c

  2. Speaking of good information,… With all due respect,… I have been a daily user of the cannabis plant for going on 44 years. It is "not" a gateway drug,… It is a plant people, a herb at best,… I raised 4 healthy children,… I ran a construction business employing several people for more than 30 years,… I lost track ( Ha, Ha ) on how many buildings my company helped build, approximately 1600 or so, also did repairs on maybe another 800,… I play several musical instruments,… The cannabis plant is not physically addictive, psychologically maybe but physically no,… The cannabinoids that are in the plant, over 60, are nothing but good for you,… This being an addiction issue is laughable at best, terrible information at worst,… Every organ in the body has cannabinoid receptors, cannabidiol for instance kills cancer studies are showing,… It is showing amazing results in treating all kinds of childhood health issues including ADHD among many others,… A cookie in the morning with breakfast and one after lunch could make big differences to improve children's health,… Look into it people,… I could go on and on and on,… Get the kids off of the Ritalin,… It`s Poison,…

  3. When I get home, I'm gunna smoke what I have left, and I'm officially done. At Least until I get my life together. I started when I was 13, and now I'm 20. I feel like I completely wasted my teen years, and robbed myself of experiences I should have had, by smoking pot and doing nothing. I know I have all of my 20s ahead of me, but I just can't help but think that I screwed myself out of experiences that I could have had if I didn't focus day to day on smoking pot, and how I'm gunna get it, and who I'm gunna get it from, and even being disappointed with getting shitty weed. I just want to get on with my life without the interference.

  4. you speak the truth. I have giving up smoking weed so many times. I've thrown away my weed but then I just buy more. I've come to the point where I have got to to do something make that change. I still have some left and I'm 50/50 whether or not im going to throw it away. I feel like I need to but I also feel like it doesn't mean anything to throw it away. Like I'll just buy some more and it would be a waste of money. But at the same time I kind of need to.

  5. I have so many nerves,i can't sleep,always thinking stuff,can t seat at one place,i can't lauph.Trying so much to get some help from internet,cause here the programs are a real joke.Someone an advice please,i want to fight with everyone,nerves,can't relax at all .

  6. I dont know man. I dont even know whom should I even talk to right now. To be real honest I just cant. I dont even have the people to talk to. I promise myself everyday, I wont smoke today, never happens. I wanna cry out loud man. Been smoking for 3 years now. Wasnt really a problem until last year. But this year has got me smoking everyday. Every single day. I keep avoiding things. College is bad. Real bad. I just dont know how to stop. I just gotta stop, I dont to know how yet. I decided to write here. As a commitment, I’ll keep udating this, daily. I dont even know who’s gonna read this. I just hope this works. Day 1 here we go. I can do this. We can do this.

  7. Fuck. Im 23 and ive been smoking for ten years. Just started to develop some breathing issues. I have kids and i wanna see them grow up and be succesful. Idk how but i need to change. I needed this.

  8. Ever since my first experience getting high was from a strong space cake (I can still remember vividly to this day) back in 2004. I never felt anything like it, was listening to Bob Marley at the time, took me right into heaven – it was a personal spiritual experience that opened my mind and perception of reality.

    Anyway, my philosophy with life and especially the herb should be approached with respect, love and care and not abused. When I mean abused, I mean don't depend on it as a form of escapism from reality or our problems. I know people who smoke it everyday and it doesn't sit right with me. I won't be able to function in daily life if I was always stoned. Personally, I love a good smoke as a reward on the weekends and sometimes not even on the weekends, perhaps every 3-4 weeks, when I've finished all my errands, responsibilities and work during the week. Like anything in life there has to be balance.

    One of the major reasons why I've got into this is the medical benefits. I've been following Rick Simpson for years, so many people are suffering needlessly from diseases like cancer and other chronic issues. I would love to learn how to make cannabis oil, cbd oil and salve.

    In our culture, there's such a stigma with this natural growing plant from mother earth. What a crazy world we live in, such stupid man made laws.

    It shouldn't be illegal or legal, it should be left alone.

    Now it's gradually being 'legalised' in other countries, how much will it be legalised really? I think we should all start growing some because we know big pharma are gonna hijack it! Unless it's fully legalised in the sense that we can grow it in our back garden without any limits, it will never be free.

  9. I feel like weed just paints in image rather then actually being what you see in the image. Other words problems remain problems no matter what you consume. I smoked for 6 years and I always go back to drinking and weed thinking it will be fun and sadly it just makes yourself too different ,but even when you consume the only good part I've notice from these sessions is honesty . Faking happiness through drugs or hurting the people around you isn't worth that shit man . I feel more of the faking happiness bit were i feel like its always a go to vice for stress and depression. Meanwhile in reality I feel better off without it knowing happiness will always be temporary but holding on to your own composure that in itself, creating a solid foundation during the process will help serve your purpose in life. Showing you don't need a form of short term happiness to live a good life. Drug use should be maintain or ignored completely talking about weed and alcohol btw.

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